5 Best Budget Noise-Cancelling Headphones Under $150 in 2020

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If you’ve ever tried studying in a dormitory, conference room, coffee shop or even at home, you probably know how hard it is to concentrate. All the ambient noise makes it difficult to get to work. If you put on normal headphones, it won’t help you. Fortunately, there is an excellent technical solution to this problem: Helmet with silencing function.

Noise-cancelling headsets or ANC headsets eliminate the need for a drastic volume increase to block out ambient noise. The best designs can improve sound quality without having to turn up the volume much higher. The CNA is one of the high-tech gadgets that every student should have.

Why are you taking those headphones with you?

ANC headphones are not only perfect for studying, but are also handy on the way to work and on the plane. They are also an excellent therapeutic tool; you have to be alone with your thoughts on the beach or in the park. The day off to use the CNA headphones as editors will be put to good use.

The best NCA’s offer a perfect balance between comfort and sound quality. The cost of NCAs such as Sony and Bose has risen to $300, which is not really cheap for the student budget. These high-end earphones have an ergonomic design, excellent sound attenuation, excellent sound quality and a generally long service life. If you can afford it, do it. However, there are decent NCAs that won’t make a dent in the student budget. Here are our top five decisions.

1. SoundCore Lifespan Q20 Fixture

For just $60 you get a decent pair of ANCs with excellent sound quality and a comfortable fit and appearance. This earphone has an award-winning design for its price range, with foldable earphones that can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. This allows you to store your headphones in a limited space, such as a small wallet. The anchor also weighs 9.3 ounces, so it’s pretty light.

Anchor is designed to block 90% of the bass and midrange, although the sound quality is different from that of the low and high frequencies. Although Anker does not support multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time, you can reconnect to previous devices without having to repair them. One of the best features of the Anchor is its battery life, which under normal use can last up to 60 hours without recharging and up to 40 hours with active noise reduction.

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2. Xennheiser HD 4.50

Although the Sennheiser HD 4.5 still cannot compete with the top quality ANCs from Bose and Sony, it did well for a retail price of $130. The matte black surface is very suitable for easy helmet use. The thick foam of the ear cushions is comfortable and wide enough to completely cover even people with very large ears.

Noise reduction is not the best quality and its properties are much more clearly defined in noisy environments. When the device is wirelessly connected to a smartphone, sound quality is enhanced by the stereo sound environment. When NoiseGuard is activated, the sound tends to lose its shine. The bass is quite powerful and the midtones are clearly defined. In general, the price of quality at Sennheiser is quite reasonable.

3. Mixer E9

For a price of $70, the Mixcder E9 makes up for the lack of comfort with excellent sound quality. These headphones have an amazing sound profile that is well balanced in terms of bass, tempo and midrange. Voices are also perceptible and can be compared to certain types of high-end headphones. One of the best features of the Mixcder E9 is its low latency when connected to Bluetooth, which means these headphones are perfect for playing games and viewing high definition video content.

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4. iTecknic

iTecknic is the cheapest brand on the list, offered at only $40 to $50 for a good (not very good) sound quality and a universal sound profile. iTecknic is basically excellent for quiet squeaking and vibrating, like driving a train. Don’t expect too much from him for high-frequency sounds like sirens.

The design is compact, but medium and slightly more plastic, so less aesthetic. One of the best features is the support of Bluetooth 5.0 with a long battery life. iTecknic is certainly a good choice for cheap headsets.

5. TaoTronics Hybrid

TaoTronics Noise Cancelling Hybrid Earphones are probably the best on the list in terms of overall sound quality, comfort and budget. TaoTronics charges very quickly via a micro USB slot and offers more than 30 hours of music playback for 45 minutes.

The sound profile of bass, midrange and tempo is surprisingly good for headphones at this price level. The sound quality is excellent at both low vibration and high frequencies, and latency is reduced, which is a paradise for players. The black look is generally good, but not the best, even though the large earphones look voluminous.

And the winner in general?

TaoTronics Hybrid lists all the boxes by comparing sound quality, ergonomic design, battery life and budget. Anchor SoundCore offers the highest quality features at an affordable price, while Sennheiser HD offers the best sound and noise reduction features.

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