Best Alpaca Blankets for 2020-21 Winter: Tried & Tested

The autumn and winter season is not far away. Fill your house with the best alpaca blankets and the mildest weather of winter.

Alpaca wool is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world and rightly takes its place in the fashion world of the elite.

People love its exceptional softness, incomparable to cashmere and cotton, and its breathable warmth, which surpasses that of sheep’s wool.

Alpaca wool is also known for its softness, which gives warmth without bulk and a feeling of lightness.

Although this luxury fibre is fine and light, it is extremely strong and durable and can last longer than cashmere, silk and wool. Really, all-weather fiber, all-weather fiber.

Best Alpaca coverage in 2020

Alpaca Cityscape duvet

Add sophistication and luxury to your home with Alpaca’s Cityscape cover. This premium soft blanket is made from 100% alpaca wool for children and is guaranteed to be durable and carefully crafted by masters in Peru.

The breathable alpaca wool baby blanket has microscopic air pockets in each fibre that form a heating pad to keep you warm in cold weather. It is light and thin, but incredibly warm, ideal for indoor and outdoor travel.

Baby alpaca wool is extremely soft, even compared to regular alpaca wool, which gives a feeling of luxury. Moreover, it is naturally hypoallergenic and fire resistant without the addition of chemicals, making it a safe choice for everyone.

The Cityscape throwing blanket is available in seven rich colour variations. It measures 78 inch x 51 inch, perfect for two people and has a small ledge on the side for a modern and rustic look. However, some have noticed that the fringes can easily catch fire.

The advantages of

  • Made of 100% alpaca baby wool.
  • Lightness and finesse
  • naturally hypoallergenic and refractory
  • Wide range of colours
  • Large format

Small alpaca Drop the blanket

When it comes to luxury, the Maloca Alpaca Quilt Throw is one of the best alpaca quilts you can find. She is proud to offer a luxurious quality with the best and rarest 100% pure royal alpaca fiber. Maloca Alpaca offers the highest level of craftsmanship, quality and service.

The alpaca fibre has small air pockets, which ensure that the blanket is light and breathable while keeping the body extremely insulated and warm in cold weather without overheating. It does not contain lanolin or reagents made of normal wool to prevent itching and scratching of the skin.

Maloki alpaca wool has ethical and sustainable origins. They are proud to have a much lower environmental impact for a green collection while maintaining the highest product standards.

The Maloca Alpaca blanket measuring 180 x 130 cm is available in eight different colours and has a fringe at the end. The blanket is extremely light and ideal for use indoors and travelling, but others have found it too thin and too light.

The advantages of

  • Made of 100% pure royal alpaca fiber.
  • Lightness and breathability
  • No lanolin
  • Ethics and respect for the environment
  • Wide range of colours
  • Large format


  • Too thin and too light.

Alpaca-wool-mat Kisu

If you are looking for the perfect hug in this cold weather, look no further than the Tsisu Alpaca blanket. This is a soft blanket of high quality alpaca wool, handmade in Ecuador by artisans.

This carefully crafted alpaca blanket offers extreme softness for a plush feeling in the bedroom. High-quality alpaca wool provides breathable warmth and effectively regulates body heat, preventing overheating. It is naturally hypoallergenic to people who are sensitive to wool.

Beauty and style are also one of the main features of Kisui’s alpine academies. They are available in nine different colours and bright patterns to suit every home and every taste. It measures 85 inches x 65 inches, the size of a queen, which is perfect for cuddling. The edges are protected and reinforced by a high-quality production process that prevents burns and damage during regular use, which guarantees the durability of the product.

Others, on the other hand, complained about lint and moulting problems when washing the blanket.

The advantages of

  • Made of high quality alpaca wool.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wide range of colours
  • Attractive designs
  • Size of the queen
  • Edges are protected and fixed


  • Problems with fluff and skinning.

Alpaca Warehouse Heavy Alpaca Carpet

This warehouse with its heavy alpine academies is ideal for camping outdoors or for spending cold winter evenings. It has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

This blanket is made of elite material from Peru. It is designed to be exceptionally strong and of the highest quality, ensuring durability for many years. The luxurious feel and pleasant weight are a bonus for the warmth and comfort offered by Peruvian blankets.

The ultra-thin fabric keeps you warm, but is also light enough to travel comfortably. The heavy Alpaca house rug is designed to reduce itching, using high quality alpaca wool.

It is available in three different sizes in King (110 x 90 inches), King (97 x 92 inches) and Double (82 x 62 inches) to meet all camping and cuddling needs. However, some have noticed that the lid tends to turn only minimally.

The advantages of

  • Made of high quality alpaca wool
  • ultrafine fabric
  • Has a comfortable weight
  • Available in large sizes


  • Tendency to minimize skinning

AndeanSun Authentic Alpaca foundry

This sun-alpaca rug is designed with versatility, style, warmth and comfort in mind. This blanket is perfect for your interior decoration to add a little spice to your room and also around a blanket that will keep you warm and still breathable.

This blanket is made of a mixture of three fibres, namely 50% alpaca wool, 35% wool and 15% synthetic fibres. This composition makes alpaca wool easy to maintain and preserves its natural properties. Alpaca fibres contain small air pockets on the inside that provide the best natural thermal insulation in a cold or warm environment.

Alpaca wool is a natural antibacterial substance that retains moisture. It also contains no lanolin to reduce itching in people with sensitive skin.

AndeanSunny alpaca blanket measuring 65 inches x 52 inches. It is available in five beautiful and modern designs. Others, on the other hand, have noticed that the colours are somewhat dull and muted. Some have also noticed that the blanket covers more than normal woollen blankets.

The advantages of

  • Made from a mixture of alpaca, wool and synthetic fibres.
  • Moisturizing and antibacterial
  • No lanolin
  • Wide choice of colours and patterns


  • Troubleshooting
  • The colors are a little muted.

Last words

From cool autumn evenings to dead winter, alpine academies are a great and luxurious way to enjoy the cold weather. There are many alpaca products on the market today that are causing a storm. Whether you’re looking for a stylish decoration for your home, a lightweight blanket for cuddling or a durable blanket for camping outdoors, the choice is unbelievable. The choice of an alpine academy depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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