How To Make Christmas Trees At Home🎄

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These Christmas trees on the table are easy to make. Use them to decorate your house or to give them as gifts.


(Foam cones, felt, cones, ball ornaments)

  1. Cover the foam cone with felt and let it dry.
  2. Start at the bottom of the cone, glue the small cones. Continue around the cone by adding balls of glitter. You can leave a small space to dry before continuing.
  3. When you reach the top of the cone, add a large cone.


(poster board, building paper, self-adhesive stars)

  1. For the tree trunk, paint a piece of white cardboard brown or cut a strip of brown cardboard of 4 x 27. Bend two inches from each narrow end. Tilt the folded and taped pieces into a triangular shape that stands upright.
  2. For the branches, cut pieces of green building paper and glue them to the trunk. Attach the self-adhesive stars above the tree. Add a paper star.


(billboard, old newspaper, glossy)

  1. Draw a large semicircle on a pinboard of 12 by 18 and cut it out. Draw four small semi-circles as shown.
  2. Draw and cut out a small V-shaped pattern on the poster board to fit between the semi-circles. Trace the pattern by drawing V-shaped shapes that are about a centimetre apart and all facing outwards. Cut the sides of each dihedral to form a small strip.
  3. Cover your workplace with an old newspaper. Press the glue on the semi-circles and the tabs. Sprinkle with sprinkles in different colours and allow to dry.
  4. Shake off the excess flakes and draw the semicircle in the shape of a cone. Overlap with tape or staples. Fold the tabs.


(light cardboard, felt, rickrack, glitter, ball ornaments)

  1. Cover both sides of two pieces of light cardboard with green felt. Draw and cut a Christmas tree from a third piece of lightweight cardboard. Follow the tree on each felt panel and cut them out.
  2. Make a crevice in the middle of a tree, start at the bottom and pull up. The width of the slot must be slightly larger than the thickness of the cardboard. At the second tree, cut a gap in the middle, start at the top and pull it halfway down.
  3. Connect the two shafts to create a three-dimensional tree. Add a little glue along the seams and let dry.
  4. Glue the rickrack to the edges of the tree and let it dry. Glue different forms of glitter to decorate the tree. Add a small ball-shaped ornament.


(billboard, foam tray, tissue paper, paper plates)

  1. Cut out a semi-circle from a piece of poster board. Place the semi-circle on the foam piece to protect the working area. Using a pencil, carefully drill holes in the semicircle, about 2.5 cm apart. Throw away the foam tray. Wrap the semicircle in a cone and paste or stick it together.
  2. Cut circles with a diameter of about 5 cm from the blotting paper. Put the center of one of these circles in a point.
  3. Press some glue on a small paper plate. Place a cloth in the glue and insert it into one of the holes in the cone. Repeat the process until the whole tree is covered.


(cereal box, construction paper, old tape)

  1. Cut out the top flaps of the cereal box. Cuts sections of the front and back of the box as shown.
  2. Connect the sides and triangles at the front and back to form the shape of a tree. You may need to cut the highest points evenly.
  3. Place different sides of the tree on the construction paper and draw a line around each side. Cut out the pre-drawn paper parts and glue them to the tree.
  4. Glue or glue old ribbons to the tree.

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