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The deluge is something that law enforcement brutally suppresses, and rightly so. After all, piracy is a crime.

But not all torrents are bad, and no matter how they are used to distribute illegal software, they are also a good way to share files. This article presents the first 10 landfills.

The many files available on these torrent sites may be the intellectual property of an individual, company or organization, and downloading them as such may result in copyright infringement. Candid.Technology condemns piracy in all its forms. The use of torrents may also be illegal in your country. We do not endorse its use and recommend that you comply with local laws. Media downloaded from the Torrents website may only be used for non-commercial purposes, such as academic presentations, lectures, or as a link to complete recordings of the original source in the format of your choice. With permission of the owner you can also use media files.

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Pirate Bay, also known as TBP, is perhaps the world’s most popular and diverse landfill site. You can find almost anything you’re looking for and it’s available in digital form.

The site has a very simple interface; the main page has a search bar and several filters to refine the search. There is also a comment area where users can ask questions or give their opinion on the torrents.

The website is banned in many countries, including India. However, there are still many proxy servers and mirror sites.

You can visit Pirate Bay here.

YTS of Yify is a famous site of cinematic torrents that has a huge collection of films from all over the world. You will also find television programmes, anime and other forms of digital content.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The website is known for its advanced user interface. This is probably best with landfills. The Website is prohibited in a number of countries by copyright laws on the distribution of copyrighted content. However, it is easy to find a proxy server or just use the VPN to access the website.

You can visit here

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Another torrent site with a huge library where you can find almost everything from games to music albums. The library of Lime Torrents even surpasses that of the Pirate Bay.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The website is easily accessible thanks to the many proxy servers and mirror sites that run around the Internet. If they don’t work, you can still use the VPN.

You can visit Lyme Torrentz here

iDope is a tribute to the very popular KickAss crash site, which was closed during a massive law enforcement raid.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The website offers a solid collection of games, software and other digital content.

You can visit iDope here

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If games are what you’re looking for, your quest ends here.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

Skidrow & Reloaded has an extensive library of games to which new versions are added almost daily. The website also allows users to request certain games regardless of their start date.

Besides the possibility to download torrents, the site also offers direct links to download almost all games.

You can visit Skidrow & Reloaded here

See Google’s Zooqle torrent. The content library is extensive and includes everything from games to software, from music albums to movies.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The website is also very easy to navigate and surprisingly clear. It has over five million confirmed currents.

You can visit the zoo here

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Kickass Torrents, also known as KAT, is another very popular autumn site that dominated the world of torrents for a long time until its final closure.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

Administrators and mirror sites make them work, and the community continues to inject a lot of content to keep the site relevant. It can be a little difficult to find a proxy that works in your environment, so keep your VPN customers on hand.

You can visit CAT here

Demonoid, another very popular torrent website, also offers an extensive forum and chat to its users.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The site has a pretty good user interface with torrents, which is well divided into categories, status, language and quality. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for here.

You can visit the demonoid here.

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Torlock is a simple torrent website that can be taken literally and has a fairly large content library without being too complicated to access because the site is relatively new. However, this is not permitted in Australia, India and the United Kingdom, so you may need a VPN.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The content is clearly divided into categories and the user interface is chaotic enough to make navigation easier.

You can visit Torlock here.

As the name suggests, EZTV is a torrent site specialising in television series and other digital media.

Top 10 torrent sites | Candidate.| Technology

The website has been around for some time and has built up a huge library of content. However, the user interface is a bit overloaded, and you may need to use the VPN to do this.

You can visit EZTV here

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