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Based on: Pokemon

This anime doesn’t need to be introduced, the name Pokemon is enough. Remember the hype caused by the introduction of Pokemon Go?

Pokemon has a whole range of anime and many movies like Pokemon: Mutvau is taking revenge. However, the production of this anime began a year after the release of the Gameboy anime in 1996, making it one of the best video game based anime games.

Make the devil scream

Based on: The Devil’s call

Devil May Cry certainly has a very interactive fan community. While some cartoon fans feel that the series unnecessarily focuses on interpersonal relationships and the demand for immediate killing of cartoon demons, the other half of the fan base just wants to see more adventures of the vengeful demon hunter Dante.

His fans may have different opinions about anime, but games based on Devil May Cry have managed to unite their fans.

Steel; door

Based on: Stained door

What was originally one of the best visual novels, a highly sought-after PC name in Japan, has become one of the most watched endless human science fiction fairy tale animation of all time. Although, in my opinion, Staines; the Gate is more than just a thought-provoking fictional saga.

The journey of a unique group of nerds, whose friendship literally transcends time, is beautifully captured in an anime, and the journey can also be remembered in video games.

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The age of the dragon: Viewfinder twilight

Based on: The age of the dragon

If you like heroin bags, there is a way to follow the first adventures of a real Lulu. Cassandra is half religious inquisitor, half fighter) – a real Lulu, and for those of you who love cool anime heroines, that’s something not to be missed.

The anime tells the story of Cassandra’s early travels, in which she and her fellow travellers fight a magical conspiracy and overthrow the divine, head of a religious order.

Legends of Halo

Based on: Halo

Halo Legends is like Devil May Cry, because the two anime have separate fans. They look even more like the video games in this anime that only have one fan.

If you’re an anime fan and don’t like halo acronyms, you’ll love this video game.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent children

Based on: Final Fantasy VII

The story of this anime shows the journeys of Advent children on the path of the heroes of FF7 after their victory over Sefirot two years ago.

In the video game Final Fantasy VII you can play the characters of the Advent children as well as the Sephiros.

Clairvoyant Joe

Based on: Subtle Joe Average Consumer

The game Visionary Joe has great graphics and crazy gameplay, but Anime talks about this title with much more manic energy.

If you still want comments, I suggest you watch an episode called Men in a Black Episode Parody. From there to his henshin-a-ha-ha, baby!

Volumetric adventure Nu-Mamonya

Based on: Triggering the chronograph

Dimensional Adventure Nu-Mamonja is a commercial anime based on a game in which two monsters meet other creatures and characters in a magical feast. The game starts the day before the Chrono Trigger events and you have to face different characters to get to the festival.

Kirby: Right to Ya!

Based on: Kirby

You can play for Kirby, the star warrior, who is responsible for protecting the village from King Dididid, the evil summon monster and his servants. You can also watch an anime and enjoy Kirby’s journey. Or maybe it’s both. One thing’s for sure, this is the best anime and the best game you don’t want to miss.

Person 4: Animation

Based on: Person 4

Nobody from the Playstation 4 game: The animation also allows the anime to use its characters and dialogue.

The anime version of Persona 4 has a somewhat unique twist on the central mystery of the game, which has received positive feedback from the fans, because the alternative perspective is very attractive.

Ef: Memorable Stories

Based on: Ef : A story of two

This anime is based on one of Japan’s best-selling visual novels, The Tale of Memories, which tells the story of Hiro Hirono as he encounters several promising romantic interests in the game.

This cartoon series delivers the true essence of anime, in which you are first stunned, then emotionally connected to the series and finally screams for the cartoon characters. Professional advice: Chop the onions, or at least keep the onions nearby.


Based on: Digimon

Real anime fans resist a compilation when they say Digimon is just like Pokemon. And if you’ve seen or played both anime, you’ll notice similarities.

Digimon only gained international recognition when the owners decided to make some personal developments, after which the game became an anime and quite popular.

Inazuma Elf

Based on: Inazuma Elf

It’s my favorite sports anime, so I can describe it with a few extra lines. You won’t find many sports games or anime, but Inazuma Elf has paved the way for this exciting genre.

Inazuma Elf was first presented as a soccer/soccer video game in which all players have the supernatural skills needed to defeat their unique opponents.

The animated series is directly inspired by the game and shows the journey of football/soccer club Andu Mamoru, where a group of losers is recruited and helped to reach their full potential. Personally, the fact that my favorite character Sean Frost comes to life always gives me goose bumps.


Based on: Gungrave

Gungrave was originally a third-person shooter for the PlayStation 2. So, if the developers had had the chance to go back in time, they probably wouldn’t have wanted to release the game.  However, the next game resulted in the release of a successful animated series that shows the adventures of Brandon Heath and Harry McDowell as they rise and fall in the ranks of the Mafia.

No wonder a lot of people know Gungrave Anime, not PS2. Classic example Everything happens for a reason.

Stories from the abyss

Based on: Stories from the abyss

While most anime games require you to play a Game, i.e. understand anime, Tales of the Abyss can be an anime in itself. The anime contains a total of 26 episodes that tell the story of Luc de Fabre’s journey from the spoiled son of royal blood to the prophetic Chosen One.


These are the top 15 anime games, based on reviews, gameplay, expert analysis and help from anime forums and amateur anime fans. For those of you who want to watch anime, here is a list of the best anime broadcast sites you can use for free.

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