6 Ways On How To Optimize Ecommerce Website and Increase Sales

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How can I optimize an e-commerce site? Many companies nowadays know how important an e-commerce site is, but how do you optimize conversion and increase sales?

In this article we present some useful tips for building a successful e-commerce, defining the structure, products and images, as well as the ideal buying path for a potential buyer.

Today’s digital market is very competitive, but certain steps need to be taken to encourage consumers to shop on your company’s e-commerce site instead of competing.

In a word, it’s about applying the best strategies and methods to optimize the conversion rate and increase the company’s turnover.

What is the conversion rate of an e-commerce website?

We can define the conversion rate of an e-commerce site as the percentage of visitors that visit the company’s site within a certain timeframe and perform the desired action, and conversion is the main business goal of those involved in online marketing.

The typical transformations or actions a user can perform on an e-commerce site are different:

  • Online shopping
  • Add a product to the shopping cart
  • Add a product to your wish list
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Share social networks
  • Other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) defined by the company.

This is a very brief explanation of the term conversion, but it can be useful for those who want to start improving the user experience on the site.

What is a good conversion rate for e-commerce?

The average conversion rate is between 1% and 2%, and even if each marketing event is executed in the best possible way, it will be difficult to exceed 2%. However, there are methods and strategies that can help you reach this threshold, provided you know exactly how users behave on the site.

The tool I propose, in this case Hotjar, is used to create heat maps or website points, which generate most visualizations and interactions. The secret of any web marketing technique is of course only one: testing, testing and testing.

6 Ways to optimise your e-commerce site

Here are a few ways to increase your sales and make your website one of the e-commerce sites with the highest conversion rates

1) Increase conversion with high quality images and videos

A well-made product sheet with high quality images and videos provides more views and transformations. However, it all starts with a good marketing strategy that helps you determine which products you can bet on and show them, for example on the homepage.

The best way to emphasize a product’s features is to use emotional and attractive images and videos on the site to attract the visitor’s attention and increase conversion.

2) Free shipping services to increase sales

Those who shop online know how shipping costs affect the final price of a product, and refusing free shipping (or delivery) means losing some customers, especially those who are accustomed to the benefits offered by the undisputed king of the industry: The Amazon.

However, if you really can’t or don’t want to offer free shipping, please include it in the product price to make it seem even more economical for the user.

(3) Limited supply of shares and coupons

Codes to purchase goods at low prices are and remain an excellent way to increase conversions and optimize e-commerce by attracting qualified traffic to the site.

The discount code essentially creates a sense of urgency that few people who like to shop online will resist.

4) Test the purchase process on the e-commerce website

If the assessment or completion of an online purchase process is long and complicated, or if the process depends on an unusual mechanism, it is very likely that the user will leave the site, even if he is willing to buy your product.

5) Give valuable content

Writing useful and valuable content improves the perception of your product in the minds of consumers and increases the conversion of your e-commerce site.

In this case it’s not just about optimizing the product card, but also about creating specific target pages or adding a blog to the website to educate, inform and build relationships with the target group.

Finally, with valuable content, you can improve the SEO positioning of your website and increase your e-commerce traffic.

6) Online support

Helping the customer during the buying process through live chat is another method that can increase conversions, provided you are truly available during business hours to respond to customer requests in real time.

It is an effective tool to establish human relationships with consumers and to build consumer loyalty over time.


Today, the main professional animation companies are entering the market with strong competition, where it is necessary to be able to distinguish products not only by their value and quality, but also by original and fascinating communication.

Remember that as soon as a visitor enters an e-commerce site, he or she should try to guide the visitor through the purchase process or at least convince him or her to leave contact information for future marketing activities.

These are just some of the ways to optimize an e-commerce site. React below and let us know about this article. You can also submit your valuable comments and suggestions below.


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