Average Snowmobile Weight in 2020| (Based on 15 Examples)

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The weight of the
snowmobile is one of the most important
factors for ride quality and comfort

Experienced riders know that lighter snowmobiles tend to ride better on powder ice, while heavier snowmobiles are preferred when it comes to riding on hard ice.

Our goal for this article
is to discuss all snowmobile weights, so read on for more information.

The ability to drive a snowmobile is one of the conditions to prevent accidents, and taking the weight into account is the solution. Take a look at the recommended snowmobile equipment to see the snowmobiles that test a lot of snowmobiles.

What is the weight of a snowmobile?

Based on the 15 examples below, the average dry weight of the snowmobile is approximately 215 kg (476 lbs). A full tank of petrol weighs an average of 27 kg. So the average weight with fuel is about 242 kg (536 pounds).

What is the dry and wet weight of a snowmobile?

The weight of the snowmobile
can be expressed in two forms – dry weight and wet weight

The dry weight of the snowmobile is defined as the weight of the snowmobile without fuel and/or other fluids such as coolant, engine oil, etc. The dry weight of the snowmobile is defined as the weight of the snowmobile without fuel and/or other fluids such as coolant, engine oil, etc.

Snowmobile Dry weight

Wet weight means the weight of a snowmobile with a service fluid load of

The above definitions are general and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, ask your dealer how he interprets the corresponding weight.

What is the weight of snowmobiles?

Weight of the different snowmobiles

When we talk about snowmobiles, there are many manufacturers, and each manufacturer has many models, which makes it very difficult to give a number as an answer.

But, to give a general idea, the average weight of a snowmobile is about 500

The brands and models of different manufacturers vary in weight because they have different chassis, engines and frames that are heavy components and a change in their weight results in a change in the total weight.

In the next section we examine the weight and fuel properties of snowmobiles from three well-known manufacturers.

Dry weight snowmobile (15 examples)

First of all we have the following models of Polaris and their specifications.

Snowmobile model Approximate dry weight Fuel tank
Pole star 800 PRO-RK 163 413 pounds. (187 kg). 11 and a half girls.
Polaris 600 Indy XC 137 209 kg (462 lbs) 12 girls
Polaris 600 PRO-S Switch 202.7 kg (447 lbs) 12 girls
Polaris 800 TITAN Adventure 155 298 kg (658 lbs) 14 girls
Polaris 600 RUSH PRO-S 196 kg (432 lbs) 12 girls

Then we have Arctic Cat models and their specifications.

Arctic CatSnowmobile models Approximate dry weight Fuel tank
M 8000 ALPHA A HARDCORE 460 pounds (208.6 kg) 11.7 Girls.
STROBE 9000 FLASH 603 pounds. (273.5 kg) 9.9 Girls.
BARKAS 2000 XT 636 pounds. (288 kg). 17 girls.
LYNX 2000 LT 257 kg (567 lbs) 11.2 Girls.
ZR 8000 RR 521 pounds. (236 kg) 11.7 Girls.

Finally, we also have some Ski-Doo models.

Ski DooSnowmobile models Approximate dry weight Fuel tank
Ski Du Renegade X-RS 536 pounds. (243 kg). 9.5 gallons.
Ski Doo MXZ X-RS £486. (220 kg). 9.5 gallons.
Ski-Duo BACKCOUNTRY X-RS 219 kg (484 lbs) 9.5 gallons.
THE SPORT OF THE TOURING SKI DUO 498 pounds (226 kg) 9.5 gallons.
DooS Skitop X 207 kg (457 lbs) 9.5 gallons.

If you don’t see your favorite snowmobile here, don’t worry
. Just go to the manufacturer’s website and find the specific model. Then go to the specifications section and you will probably find

What affects the weight of the snowmobile?

As mentioned earlier, there are many elements that influence the weight of the snowmobile. Let’s talk about it now.


As many people are surprised, the engine is the heaviest part of the snowmobile.

The weight of the engine is mainly determined by its power, measured in cubic centimetres (inches for short).

This is because a more powerful engine consumes more fuel than a less powerful one, and because, due to the increased heat generated in the engine, there are more heat-related stresses than we need larger engines made of stronger materials to handle them.

It is also important to know whether the engine is two-stroke or four-stroke. A two-stroke
engine is generally lighter than a four-stroke
engine of comparable power.

This is because a two-stroke engine has a lower operating temperature than a four-stroke engine, allowing manufacturers to avoid using lighter materials.


Chains are the second heaviest part of a snowmobile.

In general, the rails are also made of fiberglass, but there are now several
options on the market.


Seating can also have a major impact on the weight of the
snowmobile. Indeed, the
undercarriage of the seat is made of thick metal, which prevents it from sagging under the influence of weight. The seat also uses a lot of foam, which increases the weight.

Housing material

In general, snowmobiles have two types of hulls, metal hulls and fiberglass hulls.

Metal cases are cheaper but have more weight, and if they have a dent, it is a big problem to solve. Moreover, rust is generally unavoidable on steel frames, and even with proper maintenance you should not be surprised to see rust stains on the interior.

The fiber bodies are very light
, and the introduction of new
materials such as carbon fiber has reduced the weight
and further increased the strength.

Fibre bodies have two drawbacks
: they are expensive and cannot be repaired
, because they break when heavily impacted.

When the
fiber enclosures break, the only solution is to replace the enclosure, which is an expensive proposition.

Weight snowmobile trailer

To transport your snowmobile, consider investing in a snowmobile trailer to move it safely.

Dump trucks generally weigh more than 450 pounds. Keep this in mind when towing such a trailer with your truck, because the net weight to be transported is the sum of the weight of the trailer and the snowmobile.

How can I lighten my snowmobile?

The fact is that if you want to ride on powder ice with
snowmobiles and improve the efficiency of your snowmobiling, you need to reduce the
weight of your snowmobiling.

Some people find it very difficult to reduce the weight of a snowmobile and its performance can suffer. However, this is not always the case because certain measures can be taken to reduce weight without affecting the performance of your snowmobile, as we will see later.

Use light skis

The first advice I would give to someone who wants to make a
lighter than his or her snowmobile is to exchange the
for his or her skis.

In general it is said that the heavier the ski, the better, but it turns out that this rule only applies to touring skis as far as durability is concerned.

skis not only reduce the weight of your snowmobile, but
also helps you control effectively, because the lighter weight makes the handle easier to move.

Lane change

Narrower tracks are preferred because they reduce the weight of the
, leading to better acceleration and control, which affects the performance of the

In addition, the ride height
must be as high as possible to keep the weight of the
coaches as low as possible.

Shaft replacement

Axles are used to transfer engine power to other parts of the snowmobile and the weight of the snowmobile can be effectively reduced by using replacement axles.

These trees are hollow, unlike trunks that are literally trunks or have no bore. At this point, it should be noted that the use of bored rolls does not affect the life of the shaft because they are made of a stronger material and can withstand all the loads for which they are designed.

The drive shaft (or counter shaft
) and drive shafts are examples of shafts that are readily available from enthusiastic
parts suppliers.

The only disadvantage of these waves is their cost price.

Lightweight steering columns

Like the axles, the
steering columns can be adapted with lightweight
counterparts, resulting in significant weight savings.

The use of light steering columns also increases driving comfort.


So we discussed a lot of things about the weight of the
snowmobile and what to do if you want to lighten up your

Note that we have tried to be as accurate as possible in our definitions for some parameters, but there are no fixed guidelines for them. So don’t be surprised if someone tells you something other than what we talked about here.

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