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Last update : October 2020

Download the bomb: Bombitup is the best SMS blaster application that allows you to make jokes with your friends. At Techola, we pass on the features and provide a direct link to download the latest version of the bomb application.

Bombitup is one of the best applications for Internet text message bombers. Bombitup sends hundreds of spam messages to targets, and it’s absolutely free and works without registration. This application makes the sender anonymous, so that the fans of the bombers grow, and it has reached 1 million downloads.

Download apkBombardments

Read the full article to download and install the apk SMS bomber. Also read our tutorial where you learn how to use bombs to make jokes about others.

Frequently asked questions about the bombardment

1. Does the bombardment contain malicious software?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. We offer a free virus-free application.

2. Can I find the sender of spam messages?

No, there’s no way to see the sender. The sender, who made the joke anonymous.

3. What is the maximum number of messages that can be sent during a bombardment?

150 (India).

4. Can I protect myself from these generated spam messages?

It is possible to protect your number against an unlimited number of spam messages.

Before you can download an application, you must turn on your phone so that the application can be used on third-party websites. Skip the topic below if you have enabled Authorization for unknown sources.

Steps for loading requests from unknown sources

  • Go to Settings > Security.
  • You will see a button to enable/disable the installation of the unknown resources application. netflix mod apk
  • When it’s off, press to turn it on, otherwise leave it on.

How to download Bombitup

Name Bombardment, apk.
Developer Bombardment
Downloads 100K+
last update January 2019

Click on the button below to start downloading the latest version of Bomber. Install it on your phone after downloading.

Download .

How to use the bombing program

Open this application and tap the three dots in the top left corner.

Go to detonation.

high bomb high bomb

Select a country and enter the number or select a number from your contact list.

high bomb high bomb

Enter the number of spam messages you want to send and press Bomb to drop a locked text message to your friends’ or family’s phone.

Bombardment characteristics

  • SMS blast (sending unlimited messages with lotteries).
  • Call Explosion (anonymous call).
  • User-defined SMS.
  • Explosive e-mail (unlimited sending of joke e-mails).
  • Protection (prevents this application).

How to protect your number against the use of this SMS

Sometimes your friends take advantage of this and send you an unlimited number of text messages each time. These messages can be annoying when your friends are busy, so you need to protect your number.

  • Open the shooting application and touch the three dots in the left corner.
  • Click on the protection list.
  • Enter your name and phone number and press Protect Me.

What’s new in Update?

  • The ringtone has been added again.
  • Correction of other errors.

Never abuse

We’ve come to a conclusion. Many thanks to the developers who created this application. Inform your friends and family about the use of the text message bomb. Don’t miss this application. Stay with us for the next article.

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