Firefox Not Responding in Windows 10 [Fixed]

Firefox Not Responding in Windows 10 [Fixed]

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Several users have reported problems with Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10. Firefox does not respond to errors is one of the most common errors in this browser. Users have reported that this is the first time this has happened since the Windows update.

When Firefox stops working, it no longer responds to your clicks and keystrokes and seems to do nothing. What’s more, Firefox doesn’t respond to the title bar display and changes the mouse pointer into a wheel that spins on the Firefox window.

However, despite several reasons, some common culprits seem to be responsible for the web browser problem.

  • Malicious and intrusive files
  • Many free converters work in Firefox at the same time.
  • The Firefox profile folder cannot create files due to read-only permission.
  • Penetrating Plug-Ins.

How to fix an unanswered Firefox error in Windows 10

Finally, there are several ways to overcome such errors. We wrote this article to solve a problem Firefox doesn’t answer. If you are using Mozilla Firefox on your Windows 10 and you are facing an issue that is not compatible with Firefox, use the following troubleshooting methods.

Decision 1: Restart

If Firefox doesn’t respond, it just means something has disrupted the process. To get everything back on track, a restart could be a possible solution.

Step one: You must first close Firefox and restart the computer.

Step two: If the classical method does not work, you can also exit the program using the Task Manager.

Step three: Finally, check Firefox on your computer and run it. Everything should be all right now. If not, try another problem solving method.

Decision 2: Graphics Card Driver Update

Updating drivers is a must, but also an annoying and cumbersome method. To fix Firefox without responding to the error, proceed as follows:

Step one: First click on the search icon and enter the Device Manager. Then touch the same item that appears on the screen.

Step two: Then expand the Display Adapter settings in the Device Manager menu.

Step three: Then right-click on each entry and select the driver update program.

Step five: Finally, reboot the computer and see if it works.

With the TweekBit Driver updateater tool you can also automatically update drivers with just a few clicks. In addition, you can use this tool to prevent irreversible damage and install driver versions. You can also use the following steps to manually update the driver:

Step one: Start by downloading and installing the TweekBit driver update tool.

Step two: Then look for outdated drivers.

Step three: Now check all problems and see if you want to update all drivers at the same time or individually.

Step four: Then click on the Update Driver link next to the driver name and you can also click on the Update All button to install the updates automatically.

Is your problem solved? If not, try another method.

Decision 3: Uncoupling Firefox hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is also associated with your graphics card. In addition, in some cases Firefox may enter the freeze cycle when hardware acceleration is used, depending on certain parameters of the graphics card. You can use the following troubleshooting steps:

Step one: First, click the menu icon in the right-hand corner of Firefox.

Step two: Then select the options from the list of requirements.

Step three: Also look at the item Power measurements under General.

Step four: Now disable the Use recommended performance settings option and use hardware acceleration if available.

Step five: Finally close Firefox and restart your web browser.

Check if your problem is solved. If not, choose another option.

Decision 4: Reactivating files in Firefox

You can reset Firefox files as follows:

Step one: First go to the official Firefox website and download the new installation file for your computer. You also don’t need to delete Firefox or anything else.

Step two: Close Firefox now.

Step three: Then retrieve the folder where Firefox is installed and rename it.

Step four: You can also click on the downloaded Firefox executable file to start the installation process.

Step five: Finally, open the Firefox web browser and see if it helped.

If your problem isn’t solved, try another method.

Decision 5: Creation of a database of new places

In new places, databases can solve a problem that Firefox is not responding to. Damaged areas in databases can be caused by abnormal operation of interrupted loading processes. You can follow these troubleshooting steps:

Step one: First, click the Firefox menu and select Help (appears as a question mark).

Step two: Then search for troubleshooting information and choose Open Folder under Application Basics.

Step three: Also open the menu list again and click on the power off icon. Then Firefox is disabled.

Step four: Then go to the Firefox folder and find the following files in your profile folder

Places.q.m. -> Orte.q.m. old

places.sqlite magazine -> places.sqlite.old magazine

Step five: Finally, restart your Firefox browser.

Is your problem solved? If not, switch to another option.

Decision 6: Deleting session recovery files

In some cases, recovering from a session may not restore the session properly. You can use these troubleshooting steps to improve the :

Step one: First click on the menu icon.

Step two: Now select the Help option and you will receive troubleshooting information.

Step two: Then you need to press the Open folder button in the Basics section of the application.

Step three: Then click on the menu icon again and select Exit here.

Step four: Also delete the following file from the folder: sessionstore.js, and delete related files such as sessionstore-1.js.

Step five: Finally, check that Firefox is not responding, whether it’s fixed or not.

If your problem isn’t solved, try another method.

Decision 7: Firefox Reset

If Firefox starts acting slow, if accidents or problems like Firefox don’t respond, viewing advertisements is undesirable, resetting the default settings may help you fix the problem. You can restore Firefox by following these troubleshooting steps:

Step one: First, click the menu icon in the right-hand corner of Firefox.

Step two: Then select Help from the list of requests.

Step three: Then select the Troubleshooting Information option.

Step four: Also search and select the Update option.

Step five: Now proceed with the reset and open the web browser again.


These are the easiest solutions to solve a problem Firefox doesn’t answer on your computer. We hope these solutions will help you solve your web browser problem. However, you will still get Firefox without responding to the error. You can give us information, for example, if you have problems, what happened when you tried to correct the error.

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