How I Got Free Kindle Using Payback Points (India 🇮🇳)

Do you want a free Kindle phone or a free mobile phone from Samsung? When I say free, I mean it!

How does it feel to know something you can give free money. But you missed it. It’s happened to me, and I think it’s happened to a lot of people around us. If it’s not you, maybe your family won’t find out. I am talking about a point of reimbursement, which is available in India, Germany, Poland, Italy and Mexico. If you are not from India, you should look for a similar service in your country, as it is available all over the world.

Before you continue with this epic article, you should answer these simple questions:

  • Did you know that you earn points for every online transaction you make?
  • Did you know that you can redeem these points for free items such as the Kindle, mobile phones, devices and more?
  • Or can you trade those drinks for money?

And you don’t have to pay extra for it. Just continue shopping online or use your credit/debit card as usual. Points are collected automatically with each transaction and you can redeem them at any time.

This post is about what drove me to win the free Kindle, and now I’ve figured out a way to get real money back for every online purchase I make. This guide tells you everything you need to know about the Payback service, which is free and can be used by anyone, including you.

What is a relay point and how does it work?

I have seen the Payback logo in many places, including MakeMytrip, BookmyShow and many other services that offer online shopping. Meanwhile, I have developed a banner with a blindness logo to return the favor and score valuable points. I’ll come back to that later, but first let me tell you what revenge is.

Payback is a free, multi-partner loyalty program that allows you to earn points for daily activities such as filling your tank, buying airline tickets, booking a hotel, shopping, going out to dinner, watching a movie, etc. You have a large number of branches and earn points if you pay with cash, cheque, bank transfer, credit or debit card.

This program is valid throughout India, Germany, Poland, Italy and Mexico and you don’t have to be in one of the metro cities to use it. Anyone can request a free refund card here on his or her website, which you will receive within 1-2 weeks. You can also get a PayBack card from their partner companies such as Bigbazaar, ICICI Bank, HPCL, MakeMytrip and many others.

Pay attention: If you are a customer of an ICICI bank, your Payback-account will be activated from the 1st day of the month. Beacon activated. I have provided a guide for users of ICICI Bank below.

This is what the refund card looks like:

Example of a refund card .

When you shop online, all you need is your unique 16-digit refund number. When shopping in offline stores, such as BigBazaar, you need to bring your Payback card.

ICICI Bank User and refund account :

I am euphoric to have an ICICI bank account because they offer their customers excellent services and facilities. One of these is the automatic creation of a refund account. When you open an ICICI bank account it automatically creates a refund account for you and links it to your ICICI bank account.

From now on your Payback account will automatically be credited with points when you use your ICICI bank account for your transactions. What’s interesting here is that for years I didn’t pay any attention to this position and only recently understood the power of the reward function.

If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you must log in to your ICICI Network Bank and click on the Bonus Points section. Here you can see the information of your refund account, including the current points.

ICICI payment - account number .

As you can see, I have 1033 points. (I had 91K points, which I swapped for the Kindle)

My story about compensation and ICICI customer service:

A few days ago I spoke on the phone with an ICICI customer service employee. The lady was kind, patient, and she helped me with my credit card, and then she told me about this reward program. She told me I had over 91,000 redemption points, and I could buy them back.

At first I thought the best I could get out of it was a couple of pens or some cheap gadgets. I was excited when I went to the points redemption page and got a Kindle for 81,000 points.

Here you can check if you can only redeem the aginst of your redemption points.


Honestly, I didn’t expect to see Kindle on the list, but let’s call it lucky!

It is not necessary to be a customer of ICICI-bank to use a Payback-account, but having ICICI at the bank offers you extra advantages. The most important advantage is that you get double points if you buy from more than one partner.

Reimbursement partner

An ex: If you buy a ticket with an ICICI payment card at MakeMyTrip, the redemption points will be credited separately to the MakeMyTrip & ICICI bank. The complete list of reimbursement partners can be found here.

Real money for your conversion points:

It was very new, and I learned it after spending a lot of time in Payback customer service. When I got Kindle’s free trip today, I jumped with joy and wanted to know more about the refund service. In compiling all the information for this job, I learned something incredible.

Your 4 fees = 1 INR

And you can redeem these points in real money on your account if you have a Coral credit card from ICICI bank. Unfortunately it is not easy to get a coral credit card with a new bank account, but I advise you to contact your local ICICI office to see if they can find something for you.

Orders with refundMy free orders with refundMy free orders with refund

So far I’ve used my redemption points to redeem candy, but as I go on, I take the money back. This saves me money, and instead of buying points forever (which is not important), I can use the money to my advantage.

Nutritional advice for more reward points:

Combine your different refund accounts :

Your MakeMyTrip Payback account is separate from your Payback bank account or Payback account received at the Big Bazaar or manually via the Payback website. You can call the Payback customer service on 18004190726 and ask them to confirm all cards.

Use an account with your family to make purchases:

You can ask your family member to use only one account to book flights departing from MakeMytrip or movie/event tickets departing from Bookmyshow. You can also use the same card to buy products.

Earn double points if you mix several partners:

Reimbursement - Multi-user partner - Loyalty - Program .

You can use our advantage by making an agreement with several partners from the same source and earn points from all partners at the same time. For Aeg: If you book a flight ticket on and pay with an ICICI BANK credit or debit card, you have the right to collect points from both partners in the same transaction in which they are involved in PAYBACK.

You can do a lot more with your Payback account, and I advise you to spend some time reading about it on their FAQ page. While you go to the cashier for a refund, you should also go to Cashkaro, which offers refunds for your online purchases.

Create a free refund account

I really like these loyalty programs and discount offers because they help us make money on our expenses. So far, I’ve decided not to miss out on these loyalty programs and make the best of it. I’ll share more similar programs, as I’ve discovered over time. If you know I should participate in a loyalty program, please let me know in the comments section.

Share this message with your Indian friends or family and you never know if they will get a free Kindle for themselves. I would also like to know how many points you have on your redemption account?

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