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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks for sharing information and supporting your business with people around the world.   Problems have also arisen due to the fantastic marketing opportunities. Most of you have suffered Facebook jail time simply because by not following Facebook rules and regulations during the promotion, your account has been suspended. In some cases, this can even lead to the permanent deletion of your Facebook account.

Facebook Prison is a basic urban concept that means Facebook will lock your account or forbid you from downloading content, sharing it on other sites, sending requests to friends or other features for multiple days. This happens when you violate Facebook rules, such as downloading too fast, sending multiple friendship requests on the same day, or intentionally or accidentally uploading unwanted content.

Facebook ban:

For example, once you leave the comment My Facebook Account Jail indicates that my account will be suspended due to a violation of the rules and regulations or due to spam activity from Facebook. Older Facebook accounts are less likely to be blocked than younger accounts.

There are two types of locks:

In this situation Facebook will only block your account for a certain period of time. As soon as this ban is lifted, you can log back into your account. There are only a few hours or days in jail on Facebook, and you can take possession of your account later. Facebook will block your account for only 21 days.

occurs when your Facebook account is permanently deleted due to loss of time and energy. This means that you will never be able to login to your account again.

Why are you in jail on Facebook?

  • Publish the same information too quickly.
  • Too many labels.
  • Use photos or videos marked as spam by the FB.
  • Simultaneous registration with the FB for different accounts
  • Behave like spam
  • Use of FB’s automatic tools
  • Overcrowding or premature entry into group FB

Facebook’s prison secrets and how to stop Facebook lockdown:

  • Placement of nude or sexually provocative material
  • Use of photos classified as SPAM by Google.
  • Placing materials that contain self-destructive or unnecessary content.
  • Speech of a person or organization with hate speech or credible threats.
  • Used a fake account or hired a crook.

How Facebook can protect you from blocking:

  • If your message is legitimate, do not send spam:

You must understand that no website likes spam. Just like the Sheriff, who always wants to make sure the network is safe for everyone, so does Facebook. Try to increase the time interval between updates, even if the message is valid. If you share the same material with multiple groups or websites, you may encounter problems. Facebook will block your account for any possible use. It is often only possible to stop working indefinitely if the message is spread widely.

  • Your problem is plagiarism:

The fact that the enemy is plagiarism. It’s fine if you just link to the material and don’t send spam. You’ll get in trouble if you copy the whole content.  The same goes for the photos of your blogs that have been used. All photos are in Google Images and marked as spam. Using these images will result in penalties and possible jail time on Facebook, which will hamper your success.

  • Warning for fitting and marking of persons:.

You have to know the people you add to make sure they really know you. Connecting anonymous entities to your Facebook account can be considered spam, and it can also damage your reputation in the long run. However, this activity must be stopped. For example, if you send too many requests to friends or communities, it may be considered spam, so many people will not approve the requests and may mark you as spam. That’s because they don’t know who you are or why you’re making them an offer for a friend. The chance to identify or close your account is often increased by adding people to individual groups without their consent.

  • A Facebook account for one person:

It is important to remember that there is only one Facebook account that you have for life. The logbook was created so the robots can also examine the connections between the accounts. If Facebook finds out there’s a connection between your two accounts, go ahead. When creating an account for personal use, some people are blocked and the company profile is also used for the same purpose. In this case Facebook will block downloads from all your accounts. In almost all cases the content is blocked and the user goes to jail via Facebook.

  • Don’t act like a spammer:

There are many activities on Facebook that not only bother others, but can also endanger the life of the account itself. Here we discuss the online habits that serve as a non-stop passport to Facebook prison. Karen Clarke says in the first place, and as described above, you shouldn’t make friendly requests to people you’re not in a relationship with. In other words: Try contacting people you might know. This is useful because Facebook asks people if they remember you after denying your relationship, and if many of them say no, you are marked as SPAM.

Nor is it advisable to promote the organization on other users’ company pages, not as a message or comment. This is an unethical activity and you will not hesitate to be reported as spam by the administrators of these accounts. For the same reasons, do not use personal messages for advertising purposes, as you will be identified as the recipient of inappropriate notifications.

  • Watch your dirty game:

Beware of users who want to mark your site as spam. All in all, it’s only done to ruin your reputation. The first thing you may notice is that your messages are constantly being sent as troll spam. If such behavior is detected, these accounts should be banned from your site. Even if you identify them as spam, make a list of the individual accounts. Perform this procedure as soon as possible to avoid problems. And last but not least, to give the customers a helping hand. They’re in a secure area until they hear this. Many links can be used as profiles to obtain data and sites are targeted on a daily basis.

  • Managing Comment Levels and Related Posts on Facebook:

There are several actions on Facebook that you can mark as spam robots. It is a kind of artificial software in social networks that is supposed to behave like a real person. It is not allowed to do different things and publish them on other websites and blogs while being marked as spam by Facebook. We recommend that you monitor your progress and comment on the various posts on Facebook to prevent this from happening. It also makes it possible to follow the traffic on Facebook, which would not have been possible if so many people had participated in the various events in a short period of time.

  • Communicate knowledge about who you are, accessible and consistent:

This is a very cool tip, because it welcomes new followers who want to join you. It just means that people can understand who you are if they only see the details of your profile or biography. People will learn a few details about you so they can get along better. In the o-segment, a particularly good heel is usually enough to make them love your pages. Read this report from digital marketing experts, She suggests that we remind people at all times of what we are doing and why we are here. Potential members will continue to welcome it and in the end, potential supporters will be convincing.

  • Use a short URL or links to a biography page:

The incident that can be qualified as SPAM by Facebook is the placement of the same link on multiple pages and messages. This makes it easier to use shortcuts on your biography page, which not only saves space and characters, but also prevents you from going to jail on Facebook. There are several places like, or that help you get shorter URLs.

  • Be as complete as possible:

Your customers should be able to contact you easily. The only way to achieve this is to have sufficiently detailed information on your website. That’s what Facebook likes and it should continue with the data provided. Persistent data means that you are here to remain the legitimate business owner. In the detail section of your site it should be immediately clear who you are and what the purpose of the site is. It can also help you create leads and attract more and more new users.

How to get out of jail on Facebook when you are blocked:

Many things can be achieved at the lowest level. For the analysis of Facebook you submit a complaint. You can receive an e-mail about the outcome of a complaint after it has been resolved. It is approved or rejected by the platform. There have been several cases where people have won a profession and their functionality has been restored via the Internet. As for the other two phases, which are weaker, there’s not much we can do. The easiest way is not to spend resources on a new page or maybe an account and not to roll. From the lowest penalty level you can get away with it briefly and concisely, but on the other two levels the chances are low or even zero.

It’s best you have a little power over it. This indicates that at the lowest point you can benefit from a minimum of power in the form of attraction.

Remembrance from prison on Facebook:

A Facebook message from the prison can be seen by the website as a form of protest against the blockade. Although they are all memes, there are Facebook pages that share these photos. On these sites it is especially fun, and it is also possible to store and save memes for possible use.


Facebook prison is something you never want to go through. The only way to prevent that is to do it. Prevention is easier than cure, and the best way to prevent the problem as a whole is simply to get rid of what Facebook doesn’t want. This problem will only be addressed if you do not comply with the website’s terms of use. Without extra effort or resources, you can get out of the mess quickly and efficiently.

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