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Today there is a fundamental question that arises every time there is a Raspberry Pi oder Linux in Allgemeinen: Who installiere ich neue Anwendungen?
Under Windows, you are used to reload an installer data (.exe) and install it directly. It’s the same with macos.
Unter Linux is a bit different. Wir hen selten online, um neue Anwendungen zu installieren. This is why you may need help with this topic.

How can I install an Anwendung a meinem Raspberry Pi?
The first possibility to install a tool is to add or remove the use of the tool software at a later stage.
This is a way for the Raspberry Pi OS system to install new applications with just a few clicks.

I was going to be the first option, the simplest one, for those who need help. I will also propose four other solutions, so that you will probably learn something from this article, even if you have more experience.

Installation of the Raspberry Pi OS Desktop Umgebung

The first possibility is to use the graphic tool, which is available on any Raspberry Pi OS with a desktop installation.

Linux Repositories

If you have any business with Linux, you should be aware that the software distribution will be carried out by central servers, which will be managed by the system developer.

It is available as an example server, which is operated by Debian and contains hundreds of inputs that have been used for the system (with subordinates for each systemversion, both noticed).

Das Raspberry Pi-Betriebssystem basiert auf Debian, spoiledet aber other Server, um kompatible Pakete zu speichern.
If you are interested, here is the address of the server.

The offiicial repositories at a new Raspberry Pi OS-Installation are standard. Others, however, can be saved in order to keep access to more software. Im Allgemeinen weniger stabile Versionen, oder direkt Repositories von anderen Entwicklern.
I will propose this at the end of this Leitfad, and you will find more than one other Leitfad on this side, in which you should do so.

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Laden Sie das ebook herunter.
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Software Add/Remove Tools

Now that you have grasped the idea, let us go to Praxis.
Open the main menu and click on Options > Add/Unload Software.

Dieses Fenster will be angezeigt:

As with all other applications (Play Store, Ubuntu Lightpad, etc.)
In the link menu all categories are listed and by clicking on one of them the corresponding packages are shown on the right.
In addition, there is a suchmaschine verfügbar, which makes it easier to get to the bottom of the matter.

What is not very important is that at the end you do not only have the Apps, but also all dependencies. The Liste is also a bit hard to analyze. We’ll be darauf zurückkommen.

Update runs

Before installation, you must update the system.
Offnen Sie das Menü Optionen und wählen Sie een der folgenden Optionen:

  • Roter Pfeil: By referring to updates, you can compare the versions of your access to your system with the versions available in the repositories. When a new version is released, you will receive a new update (with new window updates, but not for all applications, not for systems).
  • Blauer Pfeil: The up-to-date packages synchronise the data stored in the Repository with your local cache. Actually, the tool doesn’t read directly on the Internet in the previous step, but in a data secured on the Raspberry Pipe. Aktion mit dem blauen Pfeil will also be updated.

Let me just say that I recommend that you update your packages and then click on updates before installing a new application.

Installation einer neuen Software

In particular, the current updates have been cancelled, so I advise you to use such a machine to find the use you want to install.
In meinem Beispiel habe ich Thunderbird in eine Suchmaschine eingegeben, einen beliebten E-Mail-Client:

We have been waiting for this, for the addition of the list of the seat of the Thunderbird, so that all sprays can be used, and the Anwendung in I believe that the sprays have been used for this purpose. That’s not a good experience.
We all had a lot of fun and we are very happy with the way we were able to appoint the people who received the support of the Anwendung.

In this case, I was only marking the beginning of a huge attack. If you are interested in a different language, you can of course take a look at it.
The system automatically reproduces the Sprache, which Ihrer Systemkonfiguration entspricht.

If all the desired sails are marked, click on the overhangs on the right-hand side of this window.
The apps will be installed, and Thunderbird will be uploaded at the top of the list (in the Internet category, meiner Meinung nach).

Loose ends

If you have a large number of small software packages, the software of the Ihrem system will be able to run them, but you don’t have to worry about that.
You shall put your heart into the corresponding parts of this work and make the necessary changes.

If you would like to experience more, I have a specific explanation of how you can install the programme on your Raspberry Pi. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

How do I install a Kommandozeilenanwendung auf meinem Raspberry Pi?

If you do not want to use a desktop environment, or if you want to learn a little more, the same can be done at the command level (and is often easier / faster!).

Raspberry Pi
Kurs Gehen Sie auf die nächste Stufe.
I am here to help you start your Raspberry Pi and to teach you all the necessary skills in the right direction.

Grund legend Syntax

The Feeble, the ones we spoiled here, passt.
This is a service that is used to add/remove the tool software so that the logic is diesel and you can tune it.

Here is the basic syntax for this error: action
apt [options].

  • Aktion: This is the action you want to take on your system (e.g.: updating, suchen, installieren, Löschen usw.).
  • Options: This is optional, but in some cases you may be able to add further options, such as the following. B. Either swallow an installation or dispose of an existing version. In the majority of cases you are not used to them, especially if you are new to Linux.

Furthermore, you are required to exercise administrator rights in order to take advantage of these misfortunes, or at least to take advantage of them. Make sure that you have no Admin-Konto (as pi) in front of the fault.
sudo apt [Options] Aktion

Beispiele mit apt

Yesterday we released a new version of Raspberry Pi OS:

  • Topical repositories: update
    sudo apt
  • Update your package, which has already been updated to Ihrem System:
    sudo apt update
  • Systemweites Upgrade:
    sudo apt full upgrade
  • Package with apt suchen:
    apt data search thunderbird

    As you can see, this is the only thing that is not necessary in this case.
    In addition, you can use the appropriate filtering tool:
    apt search php | grep mysql

  • Installieren Sie die Anwendung über die Befehlszeile:
    sudo apt Thunderbird installieren
  • Software entfernen:
    sudo apt remove thunderbird

That’s what you were supposed to know.
It is not as complicated, and you save time when you use the graphical tool (I am not actually using this tool).

If you want to experience more about the current Linux problems that you need to know on your Raspberry Pi, you can click on this link to see the most important errors.
Incidentally, you can also find a PDF file with all these errors and even more, which you can keep free of charge.

Neues Repository hinzufügen

I want to thank the people who have been able to do this well, because they are the ones who have been able to do this in the past and who have been able to do this in the Benutzerkerk for many years. In addition, the rule provides the developer with documentation for the installation of these other applications.
(if we don’t know, we already made a remark, and we have a detailed method to do so).

The first of the three additional options is the introduction of a new Repository.
In my explanation for the installation of Webmin (the web spaces for the support of your Raspberry Pi), there is, for example, an option for installation that is required.
Please check whether you require a step-by-step explanation.

Linux dpkg-Befehl

This other solution is only sensible if the use you want to install is not available in the offline repositories and no additional repositories are offered that you can use to keep them.

In this case, the developers sometimes have an ARM version of their package for direct download for distribution (a .deb data).
If you find yourself in this scenario, you can load it up and install it on your system with the error without having to use it for this purpose.

More information about the error dpkg can be found in my article about the 57 most recent errors on the Raspberry Pi.

Use the Quell code to install.

The last event that occurs less frequently and that you should start trying to avoid, is the installation from the Quell Code.
If you are looking for a normal service, you should not use the package as an office-based repository, because it is not a repository and not a work-compatible package download!

The only solution here is to reload the Quellcode (which is very easy to download) and compile it directly from the Raspberry Pi.
That’s gilded z. For example, for Asterisk, a VoIP server that runs on a Raspberry Pipe, for which you have to compile everything from ground up to new pillars.

Im Allgemeinen sind die grundlegenden Schritte:

  • Clone Git: If the Quellcode is hosted in a Git Repository, like z. B. GitHub. With this mistake, you could re-establish data.
  • Demands: Another possibility is, if the Quellcode is archived, which is a tool for loading the data from the Command Dates (on the desktop, your web browser would be the simplest solution).
  • tarzxvf : They will be used to compress the archive data (only on the command line, on the desktop you can directly use the extraction method).
  • Configure: Before installation, make a number of steps to ensure that all required accessories are installed. They shall keep a warning message if they are at fault (which they must deal with and then explain the configuration).
  • Make it: Quell-coded columns, in order to create binaries
  • make install: Copy the binärdateien in den richt Pfad auf Ihrem System, so that you can use them normally.

Nor once in a while: You will find more information about these errors in my article and my spot here.


I think that was the most important decision for the installation of an app on the Raspberry Pipe.
I have shown you 5 possibilities to install new software on your Raspberry Pi OS, both of which I will use on the first two that you will be used again and again.

I hope that this article was helpful for you, independent of your knowledge, and that you are now ready to install everything on your system.
Zur Information: These methods are similar for all Linux distributions, so that they are a basic feature of any Linux system, PC or server.

I’m sure you’re free, that you’re an artist in Ihrem who has a social network to work with, and that you can use it.
If you would like to experience more Raspberry Pi, you can look at my book and my cue on the corresponding site here.

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