How To Get Free Metro PCs Service Hack and Unlimited 4G Data

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If you’re on this page, you just want to learn some tips and hack into getting free subway service. You are probably tired of paying a relatively large amount per month for data services and would like to get some tips that will save you a few dollars while getting free and unlimited data.

If that’s true, stay calm and read this article about hacking free metro services and beyond. If you quickly search for data on the Internet, you will notice that most of them do not work; the few that do are hidden. Some even stopped working and don’t work anymore.

I’m sorry I told you it wasn’t that easy to hack into the data network. The fact is that in most cases you will get either extremely cheap data services (which most people don’t know) or a unique VPN configuration that offers you bonus services (which most people don’t get).

Hacking the network service It’s illegal! Think about it.

You only hack into a network server to get monthly Internet access from your phone, laptop or other device. To keep an eye on you, the company only needs a connected device and can follow you on the radar.

What do you think they’d do? If the company follows you, they certainly won’t ask you for a job or offer you a position at their company because they think you’re smart. That probably won’t happen.

They’ll put you in jail for this. You’d be put in a cell for illegally hacking a corporate server. That’s pretty bad! Therefore, the hacking of a company (and not only of a network or data providers) should not be considered.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t and don’t want to get free services or you can never get unlimited 4g of data for free, I’m just saying that most of the so-called hacks are just free bonuses, tips to save money, strategies to recover data or extend their lives. Got it?

Before writing this article, I have researched thoroughly enough to get the best 4g data for hacking metro services on the internet, and I will compile a long list of the best tips, tricks and strategies on how to get free metro services and how to get free unlimited 4g data in 2019 and beyond.

What does MetroPCSoffer ?

The MetroPCS services have been created by T-Mobile to provide the best services that other network brands such as AT&T or Verizon do not offer. The brand has focused on providing affordable, fast and reliable data services. And that’s what people have always wanted.

Lately it is almost impossible to get a good data service that is fast, reliable and much cheaper. If you look at the use of data in America, it’s growing rapidly. By 2016, more than 290 million people had access to the Internet, making it one of the largest online markets in the world.

Given that more than 76% of users in the US have access to the Internet, there is no doubt that the use of data is an important subject of discussion. With such a demand for the Internet and data, people will always strive for better, faster and cheaper Internet services. PCS Metro has recognised this need and decided to do so.

Metro maps

In the course of my research I came across dozens of questions from internet users who wanted to know what the tariff plans were for the data services offered by MetroPCS. Here are the main tariff plans for unlimited 4G data transfer offered by MetroPCS;

  1. 40$ 10GB broadband package,
  2. 50 Unlimited Broadband Package and ;
  3. Unlimited broadband plan for $60.

1. $40 10GB High Speed Plan:

With this plan you will receive 10 GB of data for one (1) month of navigation. You also get Music Unlimited, which gives you free access to music applications without having to use your data. This means that you can listen to music online for free (more than 40 music plans); no data will be deleted or used.

If you add the outlines to this plan, you can save $10 each time. Basically you pay $70 for 2 lines, $100 for 3 lines and $160 for using the plan on 5 different lines. Isn’t that great?

2. $50 Unlimited Broadband plan:

A $50 unlimited broadband data plan comes with an AP and Google One 100 GB. When the access point function is enabled, you can share your unlimited plan with other devices. The fact is that the Hotspot functionality is limited to 5 GB, which means you can only use 5 GB of data per month on all Hotspot connections for each subscription.

As with the first $40 of the 10GB plan, you can save a few dollars if you decide to add more devices. You pay $80 for using two (2) lines, $110 for three lines and $170 for five lines.

3. $60 Unlimited Broadband plan:

This plan is the highest rate plan MetroPCS offers. With a $60 unlimited broadband plan you get a Hot Spot, Google 1,100 GB and Amazon Prime package included. Hotspot plan – 15 GB of data; 10 GB more data compared to the previous $50 Unlimited Broadband plan.

How many extra lines should linecontain?

First of all, you save $30 for every line you want to withdraw. You pay $90 for two (2) lines, $120 for three (3) lines and only $150 for use on five different lines (instead of $180). Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Cheaper plan

MetroPCS offers a cheaper $10 package for those who can’t afford the more expensive ones. A fast data service of 2 GB for one (1) line is offered for the price of $30. Well, if you ask me if you choose this plan, you literally lose. Don’t forget to pay $30 to get only 2 GB, when you can simply add $10 and get 10 GB!

What is MetroPCS’ best plan to get?

Simply put: As far as the use of online data is concerned, there is no single database suitable for all types of schemes. Each individual has their own data needs, so they will need data services that meet those needs. If you z. B. being a youtuber, you probably need more data to download videos and run your channel(s) efficiently.

Price is also another determining factor for which you can get a MetroPCS 4G plan. Many people cannot afford more expensive data services and therefore opt for cheaper or cheaper services. For some people, $60, $50 or even $40 can be a high price. Some even have money, but they don’t think it’s worth paying for data services.

That’s why you see 1000 people going online looking for guides on how to get free metro service or unlimited 4G data. Everybody wants to use the internet, but nobody literally wants to pay for it.

The two (2) most important determinants are essentially to know what is the best plan for you;

  1. Money and
  2. Personal use.

Look for the most cost-effective plan and go for it. The use you make of your data also determines whether you have to pay more or less. If you have data plans for your family, you can go up to 4 or even 5 lines. This way you can give your family the data service plans they need while keeping a large part of them.

For example, you receive only $150 for an unlimited plan of $60 on 5 different lines. If you had billed it at the regular rate, you would have paid at least $300 (yes, $300) to use it for 5 devices. With this plan, you can save $150 per month on data services with MetroPCS and 4G Unlimited.

How to get free PCS phones for the metro?

What also struck me (during my online search on MetroPCS) is that most people are interested in getting MetroPCS phones for free. Besides, who doesn’t like free phones?

Yes, MetroPCS phones are available free of charge on their official website. You can choose from 4 different phones: Samsung Galaxy j7 star, Samsung Galaxy j2, LG Aristo 3 and LG style 4 How does it work?

You only get free phones if you switch from the network of another operator (except T-Mobile) to a subway station and subscribe to a price tag of your choice. Cool, huh? All you have to do is pay the phone charges and the package you choose. In this case, the capitalisation costs may be different.

On the official MetroPCS website you can get 4 free phones when you switch to MetroPCS and you get 4 lines for $100, period! In fact, you can go with 3 or 2 phones with a different plan.

For four (4) phones you pay $100 ($25 each), for three (3) phones $90 ($30 each) and for two lines $80 ($40 each).

How to get the free Metro PCS Hackingservice

As I said before, there is no hacking into a company’s network, only a number of bonus plans that people don’t know about. Of course there have been some news, articles, blogs and videos about people claiming to have hacked into 4G data services for free or to know how to bypass the subway’s PCS systems to get their services completely free, but the fact is that most of them don’t work anymore.

In most cases, hackers find loopholes to escape certain things, but these transport services quickly detect attacks and repair them immediately. In fact, most burglaries fail or end in an instant. Moreover, the piracy of these services is completely illegal and can cause serious problems.

What should I do?

Look for special offers and bonus plans to get in and avoid tricky intrusions that might even block your line. You can do this by staying up to date with the business trend every day, according to MetroPCS data. For your convenience the official MetroPCS website has a special offers page where all new and current offers are displayed.

Are you looking for great rates, unlimited bonus plans, discounts or free 4G on MetroPCS? In this case you should always inform yourself on this page. If you want to know more, subscribe to their e-newsletter and you will always be the first to be contacted if there are new offers to help you do more by doing more or paying less.

For example, the company’s business transactions page contains a current low-cost offer. It’s $30 per line for the four (4) lines of the plan. What’s the plan?

It comes with the free Amazon Prime and Google One plan included in your plan. If you think about it, at Amazon Prime and Google, you can only get 1,100 GB of cloud storage when you sign up for unlimited storage plans for $50 and $60 per line. With this special bonus offer you can save $1,200 per year.

Pretty cool, huh?

And that’s not all, you also benefit from an AP Feature Plan that allows you to exchange AP data with your devices. Unlike regular rates, you cannot take advantage of this feature with a $30 for 2GB or $40 for 10GB for broadband.

Any other special offers from MetroPCS you can enter now?

There are other very interesting offers on the subway that might interest you. A few of them: iPhone 6s at $49 and LG Q7+ at $49.99 when changing. In principle you get these devices at the lowest rates when you convert one of your operating lines to MetroPCS.

With this plan you don’t have to go to 4 lines before you can get a quote. If you change a line, you will receive this unique special offer, which includes unlimited free 4G data.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this special offer as soon as it becomes permanent.


It is possible to get free unlimited 4G data transfer rates, but as I said before, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go to the hackers’ operating systems to get free unlimited data services that could easily land you in jail if you got caught. There are several bonus offers and events that you can easily find online.

With these offers you can save money, get cheaper offers, coupons and even free phones without having to hack into other people’s systems. As I said before, you can spend hours searching for the best videos, blogs or articles on how to get free subway service or unlimited 4G data and get nothing. Most tricks on the internet only promise, but they don’t do what they say.

To be sure, look for cheap and reasonable Metro Pcs offers and go inside. You can obtain them by visiting the official offer page on the company’s website or by subscribing to their electronic newsletter. In the first instance, you can be notified of new offers to get better rates or to save more on existing rates.

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