How To Install and Use the KissAnime Kodi Addon

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Anime is an art, a kind of Japanese animation film for cinema and television, mainly aimed at adults and children. Anime has a large community of fans, not only in its place of origin, but all over the world. In fact, foreigners even love the beautiful combination of bright, expressive colours and extravagant stories.

It doesn’t matter why you like anime, it’s a logical genre to see if you like animated content. One of the main problems of the next anime has always been the need to collect media content from different places and sources and view it as it was found. But with the addon KissAnime for Kodi, you can collect all anime in one convenient place. Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Cowboy Bebop are some of the most watched anime of all time, but if you had trouble watching one of these anime, don’t worry, because we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to install KissAnime, Addon Kodi and how to use it.


This represents literally hundreds of titles, more than 6,000 and spread over 130 pages !!!!. You have to agree with me that this is literally a gold mine, even for the most hardened fan! Cody Addon is not officially supported, but some of the best are not. As far as we know and can see, it’s a good quality addon that does nothing but collect a lot of anime content in one place. Personally, we see no reason not to use it if you wish.


Without a doubt, Kodi is a very good media center, multifunctional and easy to use. It’s only when you start using addons that Cody’s true power is revealed. The Kodi itself is modernized, well designed, and would work perfectly on most TVs. It has a very simple graphical interface and is regularly updated with new content and improvements. If you still don’t know or don’t understand what it is, think of the additions to your phone’s applications, such as the platform or programming channels that the operating system can use to improve performance. Many of Cody’s best accessories add necklaces. The addon KissAnime Kodi is one of them.

How to install the KissAnime add-on?

Put Kitchener in code

In this article we will inform you about the steps to follow to install KissAnime and Kodi add-ons, with special attention to Kodi v17 Krypton. But users can follow these steps, as the installation procedures can be somewhat similar. First you need to add a SuperRepo repository. Then we can install the addon KissAnime Kodi.

Read it:

SuperRepo installation:

  • Open the codes on your device and press or select Add.
  • Select the screw setting icon and allow unknown sources.
  • Accept the warning, the conditions and the deadlines, if they appear.
  • Now go back to the start screen of Kodi, select the tooth icon again and choose a folder that you can open in the file manager.
  • Then select Add Source, enter in the field and select Done.
  • You’re free to use any name you want, but SuperRepo seems like a good idea, choose OK and you’re one step away from the unlimited anime experience.
  • When you return to the Home screen and select Add, you should see an open window icon representing the download source. This is SuperRepo, an auxiliary codi repository.

KissAnime installation:

  • Go back to Cody’s home screen and choose Add.
  • Touch the new transfer source icon (open window) and touch Install from scratch.
  • Select SuperRepo, Krypton, Genres, Anime and then
  • Please wait patiently until you see the message that the addon has been activated.
  • Choose Install in repository and SuperRepo All.
  • Select Video Additives and then KissAnime.
  • Select Install and wait patiently until everything is in place.
  • Shortly afterwards you will see a message that the extension has been activated.
  • You now have everything you need to view the newly configured channel.
  • To start viewing your new channel, go back to your home page, select Add-ons and you should see KissAnime in the list, selecting it and searching for your favorite anime to view.

Installation of the Kissanime Kodi extension on Jarvis

For Kodi v16 Jarvis users the process is almost the same, but the menu names are slightly different. To avoid confusion during installation, we will explain the simple steps for installing the KissAnime Kodi addon to Jarvis. Adding a SuperRepo repository is the same, so I won’t repeat myself here. Follow the instructions above and then :

  • Open the Cody startup screen and select System.
  • Select Add and Install in zip file.
  • Choose SuperRepo (or whatever your solution is), then Jarvis, Genres and Anime.
  • Select and view the message with the add-on enabled.
  • Choose Install in repository and SuperRepo All.
  • Select Video, then Video Supplements and KissAnime.
  • Select Install, return to the home screen, then Video, Extras and KissAnime. All channels must be available.

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