Samsung Phone Stuck On Odin Mode

How can the fact that Samsung is stuck in the first mode be solved?

Discover efficient solutions to repair the stuck Samsung’s in UNE mode!

Take a look: After some research online, I discovered that many Samsung phone users had a problem – Samsung got stuck in the ODIN MODE. So I decided to write this article. In this article you will discover some effective solutions that can help you repair a Samsung phone stuck in Odin mode. Board of Experts : One of the most effective solutions to repair a Samsung phone stuck in Odin Repair mode is the use of Android Repair, which is an ideal tool for Samsung in Odin Repair mode.

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So let’s start with practical scenarios of a real user!

Practical scenario 1: Samsung Galaxy S3 user blocked in Odin mode

Are you stuck in Odin mode for no reason? It says on the screen: Don’t remove the target!!!!

Okay, here’s what happened. For about 2 days, a black screen has been appearing on my Galaxy S 3 for no reason at all, which would mean that it is off. My phone is also very slow and upside down these days, especially when I’m trying to print. I thought he fell way behind and died of over-consumption or something? I’m sure I don’t know. I haven’t abused it more than usual.

Anyway, I would use an application (like Facebook or Snapchat), it would be a black/off screen. It doesn’t turn on when I touch the house or the power switch, so I took the battery out and put it back in. I’ve been doing that a lot the last few days… (My charger was also odd and doesn’t charge unless I’m in a certain position… so my phone is either dead or dying fast).

Earlier I took out the battery, then I turned it back on, and if I turn it on now, it’s stuck on a strange screen… there’s the android logo, and there’s a charge… Do not remove the target! And in the top left corner it’s printed in lower case: Impossible to make a normal charger. ODIN MODE.

I don’t know what to do. Please, help me! I really haven’t installed anything and I’m not downloading anything? It’s really weird. I don’t know what a carrot means. (I googled my problem, but all these terms are so confusing) I really don’t know anything about phones, so try to explain things in a way that I can understand. D :

It’s not my picture, but I found it when I was looking for it. So it seems.

The source: Android Central Forums

Practical scenarios 2: Samsung Galaxy S6 users on MODE

Can I remove the Samsung s6 edge of the ODIN MODE?

My phone’s not ringing. I tried to press the Volume + Power + Home button and I also tried to press the Volume + Power + Home button down. My phone only rings on the blue side, which indicates the warning… The configured operating system may damage your phone, etc., and press up to download or press down to cancel and restart the phone. If I press the down key, my phone does not restart, but simply switches off and the emergency power supply is not activated. When I press the Volume up button, it turns into a download page and stays on this page for a few hours. I tried different combinations, but it didn’t work. I can’t connect to a computer or go to Samsung because I’m on holiday on the island. I can’t remove the battery either, because I have the s6 edge, and removing the battery will void my warranty. Can somebody help us?

The source: IFIXIT

Just as in the examples above, several Samsung phones and tablets are facing the same problem – Samsung is stuck in Odin mode.

So now the question is how to fix what Samsung is stuck in Odin mode.

Well, we’ll go through the problem-solving part, but before we do, let us know – what does the Odin mode mean on Samsung?

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What does Odin mode mean on Samsung?

Odin mode is also known as download mode, it is a function or tool or mode used by Samsung users. It can be used for flash memory, downloading new firmware, ROM, root mode and more.

Although it is a useful tool for flashing Samsung phones and tablets, many users who have used it have reported that they were in Odin mode, but that they could not leave Odin mode on a Samsung phone, as mentioned above in practical scenarios.

In this situation you need to find the solutions mentioned in the article below) to repair a Samsung phone stuck in Odin mode.

But first let me explain how to activate and deactivate Odin mode on a Samsung phone.

How do I turn Odin mode on and off on my Samsung phone?

To go to mode one: 1 :

  • Press Power + + Volume Up at the same time.

That’s it! The phone switches to mode one. In this mode, you have only two options: the Volume down button to cancel and the Volume up button to continue. On the screen in Odin mode you will see a triangular shape with the Android logo and download icon below.

To end the on mode of your Samsung phone: 1 :

1 – When you enter mode 1, you have two options : Cancel and proceed as above. Select the Cancel option by pressing the Volume down button. This will return your device to normal mode.

2 – If an error occurs in Odin mode, hold the Power + Volume Down keys together and wait a few minutes, the device will restart.

3 – If possible, remove the battery and wait a few minutes, then reinsert the battery and restart the camera.

However, if your Samsung device is still in Odin mode after performing the above solutions and the destination has not been turned off, you must follow the solutions described below to turn your Samsung device off in Odin mode.

So what are these decisions?

Well, keep reading the post, look for solutions and solve the problem yourself!

Pay attention: The solution mentioned below applies to all popular Samsung phones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8+/S7 Edge/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3, Samsung A-series phones, Samsung J-series phones, Samsung tablets, etc.

That’s an important clue: Before following one of the solutions below, it is strongly recommended that you first make a backup copy of your phone’s data. The best way to back up your Samsung phone is to use Android backup and recovery software.

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Decision 1: Forced restart/reboot of Samsung phone to exit modeÓdin

This is the very first step to get your Samsung phone out of Odin mode.

To force a device to restart, simultaneously press the Volume + Power key and wait for the device itself to restart. After restarting your phone will return to normal mode.

If this solution does not work in your case, follow this solution!

Decision 2: Remove the battery to exit Odin mode on the Samsung.

That’s the next step you need to take. If your camera is equipped with a removable battery or if the battery can be removed, simply remove the battery from the camera. Wait 2-3 minutes and insert the battery back into the camera. Turn on your Samsung device, the phone can now function normally.

But if this solution doesn’t work for you either, go to the next solution!

Decision 3: Use the Odin Flash tool to exit Odin mode on your Samsungphone.

Well, this is a bit of a difficult decision, so follow it very carefully.

Step one: Download the Odin Flash Tool with the correct firmware and driver configuration. The correct firmware and drivers can be downloaded from the Samsung Download Center.

Step two:  After downloading, right-click on the downloaded Odin file and select Run as Administrator.

Download the Flash Odin tool

Step three: Now put your phone in startup mode. Press and hold the Power + + Volume Down button. If the phone vibrates, release only the power button. Then press the Volume + button and your device enters the start-up mode.

To repair one in Samsung mode

Step four: Now connect your Samsung phone to your computer using a USB cable. The Odin flash tool detects the device automatically and in the Odin window you will see the message Added.

Set the Odin Flash mode to Samsung with the Odin Flash tool.

Step five: Now find the downloaded firmware by simply clicking on the AP or PDA in the Odin window and clicking on Start, as shown in the figure below, to solve the problem automatically.

Exit the Odin mode on Samsung with the Odin flash tool

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Tip: Correcting error with firmware reserve Ódin

If there are interruptions or errors, or if the process cannot be completed using Odin’s Samsung phone flash software, here are the options for solving the problem

  • On your Samsung phone, go to Settings > Security.
  • Find the Reactivation option and remove it.

Corrects Odin error in Odin mode in Odin mode in Odin mode.

Then return to Odin mode and try flashing the existing ROM/flash again.

Decision 4: Repairing a Samsung phone stuck in On Mode with the Android Repair Program [recommended].

If all of the above solutions do not work for you, we recommend that you try the Android repair software. This tool effectively corrects the Samsung Stuck on Odin problem in Samsung Stuck on Odin mode and restores your device to its original and functional state. However, you will lose all data stored on the device. But don’t worry, you can back up all your data with the Android Backup & Restore software before using this tool.

This Samsung Odin fashion repair tool is the best because it offers the highest level of success in the industry. Resolves other issues with your Samsung phone and tablet, such as – Samsung locked in recovery mode, white/black screen, applications still falling, blocked in startup cycle, blocked in Samsung logo, etc.

Best of all, it is compatible with almost all Android-enabled Samsung phones and tablets.

Below is a complete guide to repair and get out of the Odin mode of your Samsung phone with the Android repair tool.

You can also:

Steps to repair a Samsung stuck in Odin mode

Step one: Connect your Android to your PC

First download the Android repair, install it on your computer and run it.

Then select Restore from the available options.

Now connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer and select Android Repair from the available options.

In the following window, select brand, model number, country/region, carrier. Then confirm the warning and click Next.

Android Repair can delete all data on your device. All you have to do is enter 000000 to confirm the continuation.

Pay attention: It is highly recommended to back up your Android data before restoring your Android with the Android repair tool.

Step two: Restore an Android phone in download mode

Before you can start restoring Android, you need to download your Android device in download mode.

Follow the instructions below to start your Android phone/tablet in DFU mode!

For Android phone or tablet with home button:

  • Turn it off.
  • Press and hold for a few seconds (5-10 seconds) + power + volume down.
  • Release all buttons and press the Volume up button to enter the start-up mode.

For Android phone or tablet without home button:

  • Turn it off.
  • Press and hold (5-10 seconds) the Power + Volume Down + Bixby buttons.
  • Release all buttons and press the Volume up button to enter the start-up mode.

Then click Next. The software starts downloading the firmware.

After downloading and checking the firmware, the software will automatically start repairing your Android device.

In just a few minutes on your Android phone or tablet, all system problems, bugs and questions are solved.


It is easy to get in and out of download mode on Samsung. However, if your phone is stuck in Samsung Odin mode, simply follow the instructions in the message.

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