Standard HR And Payroll Management Challenges & How to Overcome

Despite the wide range of tools, resources and software available on the market for HR and payroll administration, HR and payroll still face common challenges that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. The payroll experts are regularly confronted with these challenges and are able to meet them with varying degrees of success.

A recent study shows that 50% of companies think they can further improve their payroll functions. The most common errors in salary processing are under- or overpayments, incorrect tax deductions and salary inconsistencies.

An integrated HRIS can facilitate the secure storage of personnel, salary and HR data, but errors can occur if your processes and storage are not organized efficiently. It could enable your employees to get their salary back for a few days.

In this article we describe in detail some of the most common problems related to human resource and payroll management and the steps that can be taken to effectively address these issues.

1. Organisational issues

Personnel and payroll issues

With competent HR and payroll management software, you can store all important information and the salaries of your employees accurately and efficiently.

The platform allows you to store documents and files in a secure place and create consistent document submission procedures.

This makes it possible to gradually reduce or even eliminate paper files and forms. An integrated HRIS with payroll services and functions can do this.

It allows you to get rid of labour-intensive and error-prone manual processes and to make payroll administration faster and more accurate.

2. Disadvantages of manual handling

Many small companies are still engaged in manual payroll administration. This process usually requires a lot of paperwork and can be a burden for your HR managers. This increases the risk of errors in data entry, which can lead to incorrect rules and payment problems.

The solution is to invest in an integrated system that can be more cost effective than hiring more people to manage an expanding manual process.

Your company may also consider outsourcing the management of your payroll to an external service provider. This frees up your employees’ time so that they can concentrate on their essential work, while you can rest assured that your salary will be processed by a competent supplier.

3. Absence registration

Manually checking the absenteeism and holidays of your employees can be annoying and error-prone. Simple electronic and paper timesheets and cards can easily be misused. In addition to paying salaries, the company must monitor staff availability in order to effectively plan working hours and optimize productivity.

The HRIS platform with automatic leave registration is a solution because it can help eliminate time card problems and enable more accurate payroll management.

4. Incompatible software

Compatibility issues may arise if you use multiple payroll programs. For example, an instrument used to register staff or to pay benefits may differ from the product used to pay for services and salaries. You can also use another solution to improve the performance of your employees.

You can avoid these compatibility problems by investing in a single integrated HRIS system with integrated modules for payroll, benefits and employee compensation.

Such a program can help streamline the entire process, minimize the time it takes to enter data and enable your human resources department to work more cost effectively and efficiently.

5. Compliance issues | Typical HR and Payroll tasks

Federal and state business administration laws are constantly evolving in the United States. Employers must therefore constantly review their practices and policies and ensure that they comply with the necessary regulations.

Wage calculators and companies need to manage their compliance practices in a timely and accurate manner. It is essential for companies to avoid fines and state investigations, as well as costly complaints.

As mentioned earlier, you can outsource the payroll administration to a third party who can handle your company’s ever-changing compliance requirements.

6. Conclusion | Model objectives for Human Resources and Payroll Management

Another advantage of payroll outsourcing is that the supplier manages both payroll and tax calculation and reporting. This allows your HR professionals to focus on priority tasks such as increasing employee engagement and productivity.

Assess HR and payroll needs and challenges and decide whether the payroll process should be managed internally or outsourced to a trusted third party.

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