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PUBG Mobile is the best fighting piano game for mobile games. And even though the special version of the game has been developed especially for the Indian market, let’s take a look at the best games like PUBG Mobile to keep your gaming skills intact.

Best Royal Battle Game as PUBG Mobile (updated November 2020)

To see this list of the top 10 games such as PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS, I focused on the survival of the gameplay feature that made PUBG so popular. Then I looked at user feedback, the number of downloads and the compatibility of each game with a high budget for devices. Click on the title of your favorite game as PUBG for a quick preview.

  1. The call of duty: Mobile
  2. Fortnite
  3. Free shot of Garena: 3Evolution
  4. Hopeless country: Battle for survival
  5. Battle of Royal
  6. The scar case: Battle of the Royal
  7. Battlefields of unknown pixels
  8. Black Survival
  9. Closing the danger
  10. Zooba

PUBG Mobile alternatives on Android and iOS

Call the service: Mobile

When they call the duty officer: The mobile phone, already introduced in 2019, is undoubtedly a direct competitor of PUBG Mobile. The piano battle game on iOS and Android is a step that helped her capture the amazing 100 meters of downloads in just one year. With the ban on PUBG Indian players already have a good alternative in the form of Call of Duty : A cell phone.

The call of duty: Mobile gives you the same PUBG experience with options like 5v5 Death Match, 100 game piano action mode, multiplayer modes like CoD Black Ops. The game also offers many options for weapons, new characters with unique skills, rewards and multiple modes.

CoD:Mobile is published by the American studio Activision, so you can be sure to play this shooting game as long as you want.

Call of Duty requires about 2GB of memory and runs effortlessly on any decent Android device, which should appeal to all Indian PUBG mobile gamers. In short, I’d say The Call of Duty: Mobile is the best alternative to PUBG on the internet.

The advantages of

  • Slaughter piano of 100 registers
  • You can also choose another multiplayer.
  • Works seamlessly on inexpensive devices, as well as Android and iOS devices.
  • 2 GB storage capacity required


Download : Android, iOS (free, shop offer in applications)


The next option has the potential to become a permanent competitor of PUBG mobile in the field of action-generated mobile games. Despite the disadvantage that the Fortnite App Store has been removed from Apple, it is likely to attract millions of users, as PUBG is banned in India.  Approximately 75% of Indian smartphone users have an Android device, of which almost 50% are looking for an alternative to the PUBG.

Note that Fortnite is not available on iOS or Android. However, you can download the game on iOS, Android and PC using our Fortnite apk installation guide.

The only flaw I see in Fortnite is that it requires more than 8 GB of storage space, which is quite a demand for a mobile game.

In order to play Fortnite, your Android device requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM, Android 8 or higher, a GPU with MaliG71/Adreno 530 or higher, and a moderately powerful CPU. In summary: if you have a device with a 6-series processor or a Snapdragon 8-series processor, Fortnite works on your phone in the same way as PUBG.

Speaking of gameplay, there is no doubt that Fortnite is better than PUBG because it offers 4 different modes: Party Royale, 100 games fight royalty, creativity and save the world. While Save the World is a cooperative tower defense survival game, Party Royal is like a PUBG cheerleading park where you create your own island.

The advantages of

  • High quality graphics
  • Different game modes
  • Game experience as a PS or Xbox console
  • Slaughter piano of 100 registers


  • It takes up almost 8 GB of hard disk space.
  • Not compatible with budgetary resources

Download : Android, Samsung Galaxy Store (free, offers shopping in apps)

Yarn Free Fire: 3volution

Free Fire – Battlegrounds is a good introduction if you are a beginner starting on a fast paced battlefield. It’s a fast 10-minute game that refreshes your mind and helps you play mobile games on the go. The controls are displayed on the screen and are easy to navigate. Each game lasts 10 minutes, in which you have to use your shooting skills to survive against 49 other users.

Garena Free Fire: 3volution is a simple and effective piano fighting game where your character falls on a remote island. Your goal is to find medicine and weapons and stay in the safe zone until the time is right to win the battle.

Just like the PUBG game it has a voice chat with the possibility to form teams of 4 people and develop strategies. The gameplay does not lag behind because the graphics are supported by the minimum system requirements.

The advantages of

  • 49 people play the piano
  • Voice-chat game
  • Value charts
  • Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.


  • A limited variety of weapons
  • The anti-heating system does not work.

Download : Android, iOS (Free app purchases start at $0.99)

Hopeless countries: Fighting to survive

Hopeless country: Fight for Survival, as its name suggests, is a survival game that has received huge recognition from the mobile gaming community. The game is simple, because you have to use your weapons, skills and rewards to compete against 121 players as your last name.

Battle for survival

What makes Hopeless Land a good alternative to PUBG is its Asian aesthetics and a number of unique play elements. The game is more complicated than a simple shooting game where you have to forge alliances and develop strategies similar to PUBG.

To enter the battlefield and win a deadly game, you need to stay in a safe area, which is difficult because you are following the danger zone. The game can work well on any reasonable Android or iOS device. With almost 51 million downloads in the Play Store alone, Hopeless Land proves to be a good replacement for PUBG Mobile.

The advantages of

  • 121 players fight at the piano.
  • Helicopter flight element
  • Strategy game like PUBG
  • The aesthetics of Asian games


  • The anti-heating system does not work.

Download : Android, iOS (free, shop offer in applications)

Royal battlefields

Battlelands Royale is a piano action game, similar to PUBG Mobile, which is part of the main story. While the main theme of the 32-game non-stop massacre game resembles PUBG, Battlelands Royale presents itself with a cartoon-like rather than violent environment.

Battlelands Royale is a fast shooting game where you don’t have to waste time waiting in the corridors to start the game. Just press the play button and you get the parachute, then you go camping to shoot, fly and survive. Compared to most piano fighting games, this game ends in about 3 to 5 minutes.

In the beginning you have to play the game several times to understand all the hiding places and positions, because the map is quite large and large. You have to protect your arena from all sides in single or duet mode. In short, you can’t miss Battlelands Royale if you’re looking for an entertaining themed alternative to PUBG Mobile.

The advantages of

  • A joyous, non-violent battle royal.
  • A quick death
  • Support for single and duo modes
  • An impressive detailed map


  • Most suitable for amateurs

Download : Android, iOS (free, shop offer in applications)

Healed lintel: Royal Battle

The scar case: The Royale Combat is the only game of the Battle Royale genre developed by an Indian studio and has been added to our list of best PUBG alternatives. In a recent article published by YourStory, ScarFall was named one of the best made in India applications in the games category in the recent AatmaNirbhar Bharat application innovation challenge launched by Prime Minister Nahrendra Maudie.

Mobile alternative to PUBG

ScarFall offers multiplayer game modes, online and offline. To win the game, you get 3 lives, so take advantage if you want to survive in the shrinking safety zone.

ScarFall has two modes, first-person recording and third-person recording, with the option to play alone or in 4v4 mode. ScarFall is similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay and feel, and with the amazing 1M downloaded from the Play Store, it is definitely a great game in the fight piano niche.

The advantages of

  • The graphics are pretty impressive.
  • Support for GST and FPS
  • Multiplayer mode, online and offline
  • Thousands of new players join every day.


  • The game takes a few minutes to contact the players.
  •  There are some errors

Download : Android, iOS (free, shop offer in applications)

Unknown PixelsBattlefields

For all Minecraft fans among you, the following Pixel Style Retro Piano Game is the perfect pixel-style retro game to play on your mobile phone. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds is located in a nearby city where you must use battle strategies to reach the top of your enemies. This is a deadly game where your blockbuster can use multiple weapons such as SMS, multiple guns, AK47 or Pixel Gun to shoot other players online.

unknown pixels of the battlefield

During the game some chess can be played because the game is not yet fully developed. When I tested a game, or rather a game in a 3D city, I found some delay in aiming shots or walking in and out of houses, but other features were PUBG-compliant.

The game also has an automatic shooting mode that allows you to shoot multiple enemies at once. The goal is to speed up the game and improve its mechanisms.

The advantages of

  • A good weapons collection
  • Automatic recording mode for faster playback
  • City in 3D
  • Pixel-precise display afterwards


  • Games are expanded from time to time.
  • A few errors with each update

Download : Android, iOS (Free app purchases start at $0.99)

Black Survival

Black Survival earns its own reputation by looking for inflated PUBG games. From Battleground’s point of view, Black Survival is a fast-paced anime action game in which you start the game as an anime character who falls in a specific 22-zone area, such as a beach, hospital or forest on a particular island. The game takes about 20 minutes, in which you must take command and fight your way to another part of the battlefield.

Games like PUBG Mobile

You have to be very agile at the tail, because the game is very complex, like PUBG. Black Survival allows its players to create more than 600 types of weapons, food or tools for which you must remember each recipe. Players can choose the weapons and special abilities that best suit them and choose their character accordingly. All in all, it is definitely a must for an action-packed, animated adventure that you can enjoy over the phone.

The advantages of

  • Slaughter piano after anime
  • An exciting arsenal of weapons
  • A spectacular island
  • deadly game for 10 players


  • He doesn’t have many active players.

Download : Android, iOS (Free app purchases start at $0.99)

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Danger of closure

Danger Close has been on the podium for some time now, but the fighter wing has only recently appeared after major improvements. The game is an intense multiplayer online game like PUBG.

To compete with the best games in its niche, Danger Close has added a new map that is much more than that, and has also added new mechanisms such as looting, inventory update and kickback system. The new card allows players to play at eight different locations, such as a pirate ravaged island or an alien planet.

PUBG dominates Danger Close in terms of graphics and game environment, but the latter allows players to join in and play the FPS deathmatch online at any time. In short, Danger Close is a good alternative to PUBG if you want a quick record of online death contests with tuffeau-competitors.

The advantages of

  • Online Multiplayer Death Match
  • 8 unique places from Earth to space
  • Updated map more
  • Easy to use with a small size Download


Download : Android, iOS (free, shop offer in applications)

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Zooba is one of the funniest fighting piano games on the internet. All characters are based on animals in this survival adventure game in which 20 players can participate.

If you like shooting games, but are not a fan of the mountains, then the blood-filled images of Zooba are a good alternative for you. The game is dynamic and gives you the excitement and the essence of war on the battlefield. But in terms of intensity it is not comparable to PUBG.

Zooba impressed me with its excellent graphic quality. The physics-based actions and advanced game management once again show the impressive work of the developers. The game also gives you the opportunity to become a superstar of the zoo adventure by using in-game rewards to customize your character.

The advantages of

  • Impressive graphic quality
  • Online multiplayer mode .
  • deadly game with 20 players
  • Performance Voices


  • Insufficient intensity on the battlefield as PUBG

Download : Android, iOS (free, shop offer in applications)

Frequently asked questions

Q. Which game is similar to PUBG?

The call of duty: Mobile and Fortnit are the best games, as well as PUBG if you look at the gameplay and themes. These games offer different game modes, such as the popular 100-player Deathmatch.

Q. Is PUBG banned in China?

According to several reports PUBG is banned in China because the Chinese government does not allow the purchase of PUBG in the game. Recent reports suggest that Tentcent has replaced the PUBG with the Peace Revolution in China.

Q. In which country does PUBG play the most?

India ranks 1st among the users of the PUBG mobile phone. But China comes first when you combine PC and mobile phone users.

Q. What is the country of the PUBG?

The PUBG published and developed by Tencent Games is known as the Chinese game. However, the game was originally developed by Bluehole, a South Korean video game company. In 2017, Tencent Games acquired the rights to Bluehole for PUBG with a 10% stake in the company.

The best games like PUBG Mobile after lock-out

We hope this list has helped you find the best games like PUBG Mobile. In this genre you can try these alternatives to PUBG, which have a similar gameplay with refreshing changes and new cards. In the comments section, tell us which piano games you play and how we can improve this list.

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