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Teatv was known for its latest free movies and TV shows that users could later download and watch. The website and the application were closed due to legal and copyright issues that forced users to look for alternatives to Teatv.

After many studies I made a list of the 9 best legal and free websites like TeaTv for free streaming movies to watch movies and TV programs without borders. The list includes some sites that are 100% legal, and you don’t have to worry about copyrights.

I have written a whole book about downloading and installing Tea TV on your Apple iPhone Mac, Android and Firerestick.

Tubi TV is a free website to watch movies and TV programs, which is 100% legal and free of copyright. He receives income from advertising between videos. The free movie viewing service has thousands of titles on its platform that can be viewed for free.

It is a very good alternative to tea television because it is owned by Fox Corporation and broadcasts all legally protected content.

If you are looking for high quality video and audio content and are not satisfied with your tea TV, don’t be afraid to visit Tubi TV and watch free shows and movies.

Supported devices for Tubi TV

  • Android
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Roku
  • appel-tv
  • iOS
  • Fire television
  • Xbox
  • And 25 other devices.

Tube television functions

  • Compatible with more than 25 devices
  • 100% legal online streaming
  • 4k cinema and screening
  • Large collection of films and television programmes
  • Very little publicity.
  • The platform has a good user interface

Research of Tubi TV

Tubi TV has over 20,000 names you could take over. Most securities are owned by Fox Corporation. If you are looking for a legal alternative to Tea TV, Tubi TV is one of the best free movie sites in the world. I’d give it a five-star rating.

Pluto TV (editor’s choice)

Pluto TV is the best site, just like tea TV, because it offers all the gadgets of the best rated free streaming movies. The film streaming service is owned by viacom and has published a large number of its publications on the platform.

I’ve been using a Pluto television for over three years and it’s never let me down. The service is free of charge and includes more than 170 channels. There is also a wide range of categories from anime to action.

Most videos are played in high quality, including 4k streaming videos. The platform generates revenue by placing ads between videos and shows.

I wrote an article on everything you need to know about Pluto TV.

Supported devices for Pluto TV

  • Apple iOS and MAC
  • Fire TV and Fire Wall
  • Roku
  • Smart TV
  • Reading station
  • Xbox
  • And a lot more.

Pluto TV Functions

  • High quality 4k video
  • 170 channels
  • Extensive legal platform for streaming movies
  • Compatibility with multiple devices

Pluto TVOverview

I have been using a Pluto television for a long time and it has exceeded all my expectations. If you are looking for a website like Tea TV, Pluto TV offers 170 channels with movies and shows. If you are looking for an alternative to TeaTV, Pluto TV offers one of the best free and legal streaming movies.

Vudu is a free playground for movies, but not all movies and shows are as free as tea TV. Most films have to be rented, while some can be bought on the platform.

For users looking for free movies and shows, Vudu also offers a wide choice of movies and shows. Seen for those looking for a free and paid alternative to the pacifier.

Movies and shows have amazing video and audio quality. Paid films do not contain advertising, while free films and television series contain advertising among themselves.

Supported devices for Vudu

  • Reading station
  • Xbox
  • SmartTV
  • Browser
  • Roku
  • Android
  • Apple iOS and iPhone


  • Free movies and shows
  • Full HD and 4k video in high quality
  • Compatible with more than 15 devices

Voodoo magazine

Voodoo offers a series of free and paid film screenings. Films and paid screenings can be rented, while free screenings can be shown without payment.

If you are looking for the best free and paid movies and shows you can broadcast online, vudu is a great alternative to tea TV.


IMDB is a classification platform for watching films and television programmes. Most users are not aware that there are also free movies and TV shows called IMDB TV in IMDB. IMDB television is now only available to people living in the United States.

IMDB TV has a very large selection of free movies and shows that it may not be the last, but certainly a large collection.

If you are looking to replace your tea set, IMDB TV is a free and legal alternative. An extensive collection will accompany you throughout the day.

Supported devices for IMDB television

  • IMDB TV is supported by your browser and the device that uses the browser can use IMDB TV.

IMDB presentstelevision

  • A wide selection of classic films and screenings
  • Good video quality
  • look 100% legal in the United States

Revision of TV IMDB

If you want to watch films and series from the 90s and early 2000s, IMDB TV has an extensive collection. The film streaming platform is only available to U.S. consumers. I would certainly recommend it as a legal alternative to the theater. I also wrote a detailed article about everything you need to know about IMDB TV.


Thop TV is another website like TeaTV with the same functions. ThopTV is used to watch movies and TV shows, but also to watch live TV and cricket. It has more than 300,000 downloads in the memory of the game, but due to some problems it has been shut down.

I wrote a whole article about downloading and installing TV on Apple iOS, iPhone, Mac and Android devices.

Thop TV was known for its live broadcasts and the latest movies and TV shows. Most Thop TV users come from Asia.

Supported devices for Thop TV

  • Apple iOS, iPhone and Mac
  • Android devices
  • Television and fire station
  • Browser

Features Thop TV

Thop TV Review

Thop TV offers even more possibilities, such as a tea service with live TV and live sports broadcasts. The film streaming site is very popular in Asia and is mainly used to watch the latest movies and series.

I strongly recommend Thop TV as an alternative to tea TV. If you can’t download the apk application, I’ve written a whole article for Thop TV alternatives…


Mobdro is a competitor of the tea TV with all the functions of a tea TV. It is a free website and movie application that can be used for an unlimited flow of free movies and shows.

The service offers a wide range of recent films and series. Mobdro users can download movies and shows to their device for later viewing.

The application also makes it possible to stream movies and TV shows in Full HD, making it very easy to stream movies to mobile phones. Downloading and installing the Mobdro application is not easy, so I wrote a full article about downloading and installing the Modbro application on devices.

Supported devices for Mobdro

  • Android devices
  • Apple iPhone, iOS and MAC.
  • Fire stick and Fire TV
  • Browser
  • Roku
  • Intelligent televisions .


  • Always has new features in the application
  • You can download movies and demonstrations
  • General category
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • High quality films and performances

Mobro Revision

I recommend all Tea TV users to consult Mobdro for features and options. Most features and options are similar to those of a tea television. If you are not satisfied with the Mobdro application, I have also listed the Mobdro alternatives in a separate article.


Cyberflix is a free film streaming application with thousands of recent movies and TV series. Its users can download movies and TV series and watch them later.

The special properties of the cryberflix, such as a tea television, make it a good alternative. High quality video, making it even more comfortable to use. The Cyberflix application has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

It was closed due to legal problems, but the apk application is still available for download. I have written the whole process of downloading and installing the Cyberflix apk application on different devices.

Devices supported by Cyberflix

  • Android smartphones
  • Apple iOS, iPhone, Mac.
  • Smart TV
  • Fire television and pyre


  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • HD video quality and 4k streaming
  • You can download it and consult it later.
  • 100% free

Cyberflix Review

Cyberflix is an ideal alternative to tea TV with the latest movies and TV shows. Cyberflix is used by millions of users worldwide. Its users can also download films and watch them later, making the application even better.

Photographic film

Cotomovies is a free application to watch movies with thousands of current movies and TV series. Users can also download movies and shows in the application. The apk cinema application is not easy to download and install, so I wrote an article about how to download and install the apk cinema application on devices.

The free movie app has users from all over the world. The user interface and user experience are easy to use.

Cat films have been around for 4 years and have become very popular, but due to legal problems the application was rejected. If you are looking for an alternative to making films, read this article.

Supported devices for cotomovies

  • Apple iOS, iPhone, MAC.
  • Android
  • Lighthouse and Rocu

Characteristics of the cathedral

  • You can download movies and demonstrations
  • Broadcast of Full HD movies
  • Watching titles on the go

Revision of the Kotomoviki

Cotomovies is one of the protagonists in the free film streaming service with a variety of features. It’s a great application, like a tea television, and users use it to watch the latest movies and programs. If you want to watch films along the way, holiday homes are a good application.

Morph TV

Morph TV is another website like TeaTv, which waits for most feature films and movies like Tea TV. Morph TV site and application with free movies and shows. The platform has over 3,000 names to choose from. The user can download movies and shows from the application and watch them offline.

The film streaming service was launched in 2011. If you want to download the morphing from Tv apk, I wrote a whole article about it.

Supported devices for Morph TV

  • All Android smartphones
  • Apple smartphones
  • Fire TV and Fire Wall
  • Roku devices

Features of Morph TV

  • Films and series can be downloaded with the application
  • A good user interface
  • A large collection of the latest films and series.

Magazine for Morph TV

For the past 8 years Morph TV has broadcast free movies and TV series, such as a tea set, and the users of this tea set would like to use the services of Morph TV. It has most functions, such as Theaterv.

Last words

I have listed the best nipple alternatives because the application was closed for legal reasons. If you want to add another streaming movie service to this list, such as Tea TV, you can add a comment below.

Pay attention: This article is for educational purposes only and we do not promote illegal legal broadcast of movies or series on our website.

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