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Are you bored seeing an ordinary smart watch or an Android accessory? Ticwatch 2 offers many new features.

There are many mid-price watches that follow the same design rules and offer the same features.

But there is always a great demand for unique products, and their price can be much higher.

Ticwatch 2 has a feature set that offers a unique user experience, but does not have the unwanted price tag that many people have.

With the Tickle sideband, Ticwear OS, voice interaction and new features, this watch stands out from the rest.

Check out the rest of our Ticwatch 2 review to see what makes this unusual watch even more distinctive.

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Tickwatch 2 design and hardware

Different functions give this watch a unique style.

He has a round face with an excellent screen-to-body ratio. The 1.4 inch, 400 x 400 pixel, 297 PPI OLED display offers bright, vibrant colors better than other smart clocks in this price range.

Although the screen is a fully capacitive touch screen, the highlight of this smart watch is the tickling.

It is mainly a lateral touch strip that can be used for fast and innovative up/down scrolling or zoom in/out. It is a very clever design feature that makes navigating through menus a little faster and easier.

The hardware of this clock is first-class and able to perform large tasks without interruption.

The Ticwear 2 operating system runs on a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and a 512 MB mobile LPDDR3 SDRAM. It’s a pretty powerful little operator, more powerful than computers were just 10 years ago!

Ticwatch 2 is available for the standard price in two colour versions (charcoal black and snow white), but there are also two other versions (onyx black and oak brown) that offer a more elegant look for an extra hundred dollars.

If you click on the images below, you will get the exact version in the Amazon store.



Tickwatch 2 Overview – Features

1. Built-in GPS : Thanks to the integrated GPS system, you can set your route and jogging. Many activity monitoring applications are linked to this GPS system to enable better data tracking. It also works in conjunction with a heart rate monitor and pedometer for more GPS-based information.

2. Pursuit of independent activities : You can’t take your phone everywhere, especially if you work or have a job. This smart watch stores the activity data in its own memory and keeps track of it so you can leave your phone at home next time. It accurately measures distance, steps, calories, speed and much more.

3. Heart rate monitoring : Heart rate monitoring is necessary to analyze whether or not you are training sufficiently. It is equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor, so you can check your heart rate in real time without having to use an extra belt.

4. Ticwear OS : Have you ever needed an extraordinary Smartwatch operating system? The Ticwear OS developed by Mobvoi is the most unique and interactive operating system you can have for the intelligent port. It contains a number of necessary and widely used applications and a special application store to host thousands more.

5. Teams of speakers: Mobvoi has made an important attempt to enable hands-free communication with Ticwatch 2. It supports voice commands for various tasks and a built-in speaker to talk remotely. You can use gestures to start the voice interaction and do your work while your hands are busy.

6. Music without a phone: Music without a phone? No worries. This smart watch has 4 GB of memory to store and play your numbers locally on the device without using your phone. To store music locally on your device, synchronize the music on your phone with the clock only once.

7. It tickles: Smart watches should have a smooth touch screen with a nice surface, shouldn’t they? Ticwatch 2 won’t let you down because it features an innovative side-touch strip called Tickle. The side touchpad allows you to scroll up/down or zoom in/out with your finger.

8. Support through gestures: You can operate the device with different gestures, for example B. Hide the watch with the palm of your hand, turn the watch to make or receive a call, or tap it twice to mix songs.

9. Occupations and notifications : It is capable of making calls from a connected phone or sending real-time notifications from the phone to the watch, such as a normal phone notification.

Battery and compatibility

Although Ticwatch 2 offers interesting features and performance, battery life is short. This is our only complaint about this product.

For general use, the battery can work all day. If you choose to limit the use of GPS, it can last up to a day and a half with a 300 mAh battery. The battery is small compared to the configuration, and the life may be more or less long, depending on your use.

Charging is made easy with the TiCharge wireless fast charging technology. The included docking station allows you to charge your smart watch from zero to full power in less than 80 minutes.

This smart clock is compatible with Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0+ phones. Compatibility will therefore not be a problem for your modern phones.

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Is the Dictation 2 machine powerful in its price range?

If you’re looking for a unique replacement for an Android Wear or just a smart watch, Ticwatch 2 comes into the picture. Mobvoi has turned this smart watch into a truly powerful watch full of amazing features, while still remaining affordable.

Compared to other watches in this price range, it has an advantage in some areas, but also has considerable disadvantages.

The hardware, 4 GB internal memory and tickling side touch pad are some of the features that make this product unique and distinguish it from other equally boring things.

On the other hand, it has no sleep control and the battery is low, unlike the hardware and sensors.

All in all, Ticwatch 2 is great, and you won’t find uniquely smart watches in its price range anymore. It’s just not perfect. This will certainly impress your friends, but battery life can get on your nerves.

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