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Proxy is not a new concept and its advantages for natural and legal persons are not strange either. Many people, especially entrepreneurs, have practical experience with proxy servers for home applications and data centers.

Each of them has its pros and cons. The strengths of proxy servers in data centers are the weaknesses of proxy servers for home users. And where proxies for home users dominate, there are no proxies for data centers. It is therefore difficult to choose between two types of power of attorney.

But the solution can be found in a static proxy or in a static proxy server for home use, allowing users to feel the taste of both worlds. These powers of attorney are of the utmost importance for this article.

Let’s start by defining a power of attorney.

What is a power of attorney?

Each time you access the Internet with your device, the web server that receives your request must read your IP address and location. This makes it easier to identify the device when sending the reply.

This impact means that website owners can determine the source of each user’s traffic to their website. You can quickly detect and prohibit any irregular activity originating from a single IP address.

It also means hackers can quickly identify and access your network using cookies. You have access to login details, confidential business data such as contracts and sales transactions, and can request customer information.

A proxy server gives you access to the Internet without revealing your data. Instead, the web server reads the IP proxy and its location. This makes it possible to conduct anonymous market research.

You can retrieve data such as prices, product information and contact details from the site without arousing the suspicion of site administrators.

It also strengthens the protection of your corporate network, gives you access to blocked websites and makes it easier to view ads.

What is a static proxy?

To understand how static proxies work, you need to understand the proxies of houses and data centers.

Proxy servers in data centers are artificial proxy servers that generally look the same. They come from cloud server providers and are available in large quantities. These agents provide a fast connection.

Resident proxy servers are sourced from Internet Service Providers. They are similar to the IP addresses of real devices installed in a specific location. Proxy servers in residential areas are incredibly reliable.

Static proxies combine the best of proxy centers and private proxy servers. They are artificially created, but are appointed by internet providers. Static proxy servers for home users are provided with an IP address that does not change.

Static proxy characteristics

This is what you get with static proxy servers.

1) You are very anonymous

Any attempt by web administrators to detect static proxy servers of individuals will lead them to the ISP. This means that you can browse websites anonymously without being discovered and you can open multiple accounts without being blacklisted.

2) Quick connection

Speed plays an important role in the implementation of large projects. Static home proxy servers have a proxy speed in the data center allowing you to do more in less time. You don’t have to worry about slow buffering or other problems related to slow connections.

3) You have a fixed IP address of.

Static proxy servers for home users have a fixed IP address that you can use for as long as you need. This allows you to whitelist the proxy server’s IP address on various websites. You can also easily follow your competitors without revealing your identity.

4) They are reliable

Static home proxy servers, which are manufactured by your Internet Service Provider, are extremely reliable. They come from a proven source. In addition, they have the power of proxy servers in data centers and homes, giving them an uptime of over 99%.

When can I use static proxies?

In cases where the use of rotating IP addresses leads to banning sites, static proxies may be used.

For example, you can use static proxies if you manage multiple accounts on your company’s social networks. This allows you to manage your accounts transparently by assigning each an IP address.

You can also use static proxies to manage business transactions on classified websites. This allows you to make a sale or place an ad without revealing your real IP address. However, you can use a static IP for easier identification.


Whether you want to do market research, manage multiple social media accounts or view your ads online, the data center’s proxies provide fast connectivity. But they’re easy to spot.

Resident proxy servers, on the other hand, offer the highest level of reliability. But their speed cannot be compared to that of the proxy servers in data centres.

Static drugs come with a small number of both. It combines the speed of proxy servers in data centers with the reliability of consumer proxy servers to create legitimate, anonymous and reliable proxy servers. Another advantage is that you get a static IP address that you can use for as long as you want.

Make sure you get a static residential power of attorney from a reliable supplier.

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