What is the difference between Copyright and Trademark?

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Intellectual property (IP) comes in many forms. Copyright and trademark are two unique forms of intellectual property that protect different assets according to a specific set of rules. Service marks and patents are also forms of intellectual property.

The distinction between copyright and trademark is often confusing for business owners, and registering under the wrong intellectual property can make their assets vulnerable.

Here we have tried to explain the difference between copyright and trademarks and show you when to use something.

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Copyright protects the so-called original works of authorship. Usually the intellectual property object is first protected by copyright to prevent unwanted use. To be copyrighted, your work must have a tangible existence, which means that the idea must be published in a place where it can be seen, heard, or touched by others.

Creations such as computer software, television and certain other gadgets and industrial designs are all protected by copyright.

Domain names may not be copyrighted, but your work on the website is. The recipe is allowed, but the ingredients used may not be protected by copyright.

What can’t be copyrighted?

  • Intangible labour : Subjects without forms. For example, unencrypted speech.
  • The titles: This includes names, book titles, phrases, passages.
  • Procedures : Any method, process, concept or discovery.
  • Common goods : Refers to works that are in the public domain. Transformation and historical facts are covered by this term.

When the copyright expires or the owner leaves the company, the work is called up in the public domain.

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Phrases, titles, names, slogans, logos can be registered as trademarks. A brand name can also be a combination of everything. They serve to distinguish the products of the two companies.


If you own a patent on a product sold by your company, you can also put the trademark on the product name to prevent further unwanted use. Another iteration of the brand is a service brand for service companies.

The courier service uses service marks.

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The following table shows the differences between the two, indicating the records and their use.

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The Copyright Act ensures the preservation of mankind’s literary and artistic works. Under copyright law, software products and programs are called literary works, and the laws that govern them retain a person’s right to use his or her work.

Trademarks protect trademarks, slogans, even names. The registration of a trademark opens the way for a person to do business under a certain name with certain inalienable rights.

The products and services offered under this name remain safe and give the owners full control over their company’s products. Artists, painters, writers, developers protect the copyright of their works by donating much of their material exclusively in the name of the author.

Some names may be protected by copyright as well as trademark law. But it is really important to use the right type of intellectual property to consolidate and protect the uniqueness of your work.

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