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We all want to have some kind of affordable planning, because mobile phones are our constant companion and it costs a lot of money, so everyone tries to make cheap plans to save money. There are many excellent prepaid calling plans on the market today, including Mint Mobile.

This Mint Mobile model, which was a Mint SIM card, was launched by Ultra Mobile in 2016 and renamed Mint Mobile in 2018. It eventually became extremely popular in 2019 when actor Ryan Reynolds acquired a stake in Mint mobile. Mint Mobile has quickly gained popularity thanks to its simplicity and affordable plans.

You do not have to pay monthly like other providers of telephone rates. Instead, the service must be paid for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. Mint Mobile therefore offers its customers exceptional rates. With Mint Mobile you get expensive phone support, good download speeds and a Mint Mobile access point. Mint Mobile also supports WiFi calls and text messages.

However, the context of Mint Mobile does not stop there. In this article you can learn much more about the lathes Mint Mobile uses? In addition to the main discussion (highlighting the tricks that Mint Mobile uses for its customers), I will also discuss many hot topics for Mint Mobile reviews.

Which towers are mounted for mobile use

Affordable prices can give the impression that you have to sacrifice your coverage, but that is not the case with Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile is a prepaid MVNO offering an excellent prepaid experience. What tricks does Mint Mobile use? De Munt uses a T-Mobile tower or network to communicate with customers. It works in the GSM network. So, if you have new devices, you need to bring a GSM and T-Mobile compatible phone.

T-Mobile’s network offers fast download speeds, usually linked to the second, and given the bottleneck speeds of some other prepaid providers, regardless of network conditions, this is a good thing for Mint customers. For example, AT&T’s wireless cricket settings always set a limit of 8 Mbps on the three cheapest plans; to get this uninterrupted speed, you need to plan unlimited cricket for $60 a month.

In the United States, Mint Mobile’s services are fully online. Because Mint Mobile doesn’t have a physical store, it delivers all SIM cards (you can order a Mint Mobile SIM card online) or the phones you order. But that doesn’t mean you should just buy them a phone. Since Mint uses T-Mobile phone towers, you can use any T-Mobile phone or an unlocked phone.

Phones Compatible with public telephones

Since Mint Mobile is a GSM network from T-Mobile, T-Mobile allows you to use unlocked GSM phones that work well on Mint Mobile. Other operators such as AT & T, Straight Talk, Cricket, Simple Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile are compatible with Mint Mobile. So you can use their phones on Mint Mobile, as in most cases they are unlocked by their respective operators to work on other networks.

Operators are happy to unblock the phone after the full payback period, in which case you can take over the current number. However, to get the best coverage and speed on Mint Mobile, your phone should support as many T-Mobile tires as possible. For 4G-LTE it is necessary to find 2, 5, 4, 66 bands, including 12 and 71 bands with extra coverage in many rural areas.  Find support for the 5G with N71 and N41 tyres for better performance below 6G. If you are not sure, you can check the IMEI of your phone.

Coverage for Mint Mobilecustomers

Mint Mobile has access to the entire T-Mobile network and uses it to serve its customers. But there is a difference in coverage for T-Mobile prepaid and T-Mobile postpaid customers, and that is a very important difference you should be aware of. In the case of T-Mobile’s postpaid customers, in addition to having access to all of T-Mobile’s networks, there is the great advantage of being available to the networks of other operators such as AT&T as well.

Where T-Mobile does not have its own network masts, the AT&T network is used to maintain coverage. It’s called homelessness. Mint Mobile and T-Mobile prepaid subscribers cannot benefit from roaming or coverage and can only use their own T-Mobile network. So there is a small difference in coverage between Mint Mobile subscribers and T-Mobile postpaid subscribers. When you switch to their service, you can consult the Mint Mobile coverage card to know exactly where you are.

Moving currency plans and prices

Mint Mobile now plans to offer the most affordable data on the market with the cheapest unlimited calling plans. If you analyze four Mint Mobile data subscriptions with a similar plan, Mint Mobile will undoubtedly reach the next level. Because they do not have a monthly payment plan, you can opt for a three-, six- or twelve-month plan. For example, the 3-month implementation plan starts at $45, or $15 a month. With this plan you can get 3 GB of high speed data per month, including unlimited calling and texting.

If you sign up for a 12-month plan, you can block this special price if you are satisfied with the service. Visit La Monnaie’s mobile website and you’ll have more data options with exceptional data plans such as 8GB, 12GB and unlimited data plans. The unlimited plan is offered at $30 per month when paid 3 months in advance and the total amount is $90.

From top to bottom in the mint house:


  • Mint Mobile is compatible with almost all unlocked GSM phones.
  • All the latest devices are supported by Mint Mobile.
  • Mint Mobile is cost-effective compared to other providers.
  • Affordable test rates are available at Mint Mobile.
  • The binder is included in Mint Mobile.
  • With Mint Mobile you get the best download speed.


  • There is no monthly payment option in Mint Mobile.
  • Phone transactions in Mint Mobile are limited.
  • There is still a gap in the coverage area of Mint Mobile.
  • As MVNO, it means the crowd kicks the network when it freezes.

Is it okay to use Mint Mobile?

A new cell phone is good for you.

  • If you know you can pay a few months in advance (3 months, 6 months or 12 months).
  • If you know your price plan.
  • Mint Mobile has unlocked mobile phones or you can buy a new one.
  • If you know you’re in a good T-Mobile coverage area.
  • As long as you’re dealing with one or two lines.

Mint Mobile is not for you.

  • Mint Mobile believes that you should take advantage of multi-line discounts.
  • If you don’t have a budget for more than a month.
  • T-Mobile coverage is very low in your area.

Public phone number

Use a mobile phone at 1(800)683-7392 or chat on mintmobile.com.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which mobile network provider uses Münzhof?

Mint Mobile uses an operator or the T-Mobile network to offer its customers the best coverage. Since this is a GSM-based network, you can use any GSM phone to communicate with other people. Therefore, before you buy a new device, check that it is compatible with both GSM and T-Mobile.

Why is coin so cheap?

The reason for this low price is that the room has no physical location and they are only online providers, which means that they don’t have the cost of staff, rent and utilities, in this case without a physical company they have huge savings and can save a lot of money just by being online. They also deliver a lot of their plans, which means that if you buy more, you can save more.

Is coin motif better than cricket?

If price is important to you, Mint Mobile is your best option; you can use it in any unlocked phone (GSM based). With Mint Mobile, you can save even more by buying a wholesale plan. But cricket can also be of great value in higher planning if you have to connect the whole family.

Does Mint Mobile have good coverage?

Mint Mobile works on T-Mobile’s network because of its coverage and is undoubtedly one of the most powerful in the country. However, as it is an MVNO, your transmission speed may slow down because T-Mobile gives priority to its users on the basis of hardship.

Last word

That’s why, thanks to its excellent plan, Mint Mobile is one of the most interesting prepaid service providers I have ever met. They use T-Mobile masts for network coverage and high data rates. If you are unsure about their services and are not sure you will get everything you need, you can try their 7-day trial. In this case, you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with their services. I hope you have all the facts. So this is our discussion here (which Mint mobile towers are used).

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